DSCN4053What is it like to live at camp? At Mowglis you live with other campers your age in open-air dormitories. Each boy is assigned a bunk and a set of shelves for personal belongings. You can pack for camp in a duffle bag or a trunk. However, once you unpack your trunk will be stored until the end of camp. You sleep with sheets and blankets and your sleeping bag will be used for overnight trips. You will have the chance to swim every day. We have a campfire circle every night.


DSCN6774Do I get to choose what I want to do? Yes! Mowglis offers 16 different activities and what you do is your own choice. We have a daily schedule where campers sign up for instruction in their chosen activities and there are also open periods when you can try something just for fun. When you find an “industry” you like you can sign up to spend more time practicing that activity, acquiring new skills and maybe earning a ribbon.

Will I get to play my favorite sport at camp? At Mowglis you will get to try new sports and activities that might not available at home like archery, riflery, rock climbing, rowing crew, windsurfing and woodworking. Our boys play a lot of pick-up basketball and soccer…and tetherball at Mowglis is legendary! Many of our boys enjoy a break from the sports they practice and play at home during the fall, winter and spring.


IMG_5195What are meals like? You will eat with other campers your age and staff “family style” for all meals. Meals are delicious, home-made, and kid-friendly. Some favorites are spaghetti, fajitas, pizza, stir-fry, and BBQ.  Dessert is served every night and many lunches. Campers take turns as dining room helpers.



Will I go on trips? Yes! You will go on different types of P1040011trips depending on your age and ability. We go hiking, camping, backpacking, canoeing and kayaking. It doesn’t matter if you have never done these things before, you will have the opportunity to participate and we will not ask you to do more than you can handle.


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