Mowglis Alumni We Salute You!

Mowglis Alumni, We Salute You!

Part of what makes the Mowglis experience so special are the dedicated alumni.

Important 2024 Dates: 

  • Spring Work Weekend is always the first weekend of June
  • First Day of Mowglis 2024: Saturday, June 22
  • Parent Visiting Weekend (for 7-week campers) July 20-21
  • Crew Day: Saturday, August 3
  • Mrs. Holt’s Day (Last Day of Mowglis 2024): Sunday, August 11
  • Fall Work Weekend is always the last weekend of September

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Alumni Reunions & Recruiting Events  – Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean the fun stops! We host events all over the country all year long! Please contact us if you are willing to host an event in your hometown or have an idea for a potential future event. For more information, visit our Upcoming Events page.
  • Alumni Visits – How long has it been since you have seen Camp Mowglis in person? We are happy to say that little has changed, but you should see it for yourself! Contact Bartolo Governanti, our Director of Alumni Relations, to arrange a visit!
  • Fall Work Weekend – Every fall, the last weekend of September is the Fall Work Weekend. Alumni and friends of Mowglis return to camp to lend a hand in freshening up the exterior of a few Mowglis buildings. While plenty of work gets done each day, we enjoy wonderful meals together and spend time warming up by a roaring fire in the campfire circle in the evening.
  • Spring Work Weekend – This event takes place each year on the first weekend in June. This is a time when Mowglis alums, friends, current and past families, and staff come together with the common goal of getting the camp open for the season. Lots of work gets done by day, with great food, company, and reminiscing in the evening and through the night.
  • Crew Weekend – We would love to have you back to experience the energy and camaraderie of this event. It’s just as you remember it.
  • Camp Counselor – Whether you are able to come for the full summer season or just for a week, we would love to talk with you about returning to camp to be a positive role model and to be that staff member you knew and loved when you were a camper. If you have any questions, please Contact Director Nick Robbins