Camp Onaway for Girls, traditional all-girls summer camp in NH

Looking for a Camp for Girls?

Since the founding of camp Onaway in 1911 Mowglis families have sent sisters to Onaway during the summer. Although the camps are not officially affiliated they share a philosophy of personal growth and development. Both camps have a similar calendar so brothers and sisters can be dropped off, visited and picked up on the same weekends.

Camp Onaway is a small, traditional, non-profit camp for girls dedicated to creating opportunities for each girl to realize her full potential, not in comparison or competition with others, but through aiming consistently toward high standards. Onaway’s program offers instruction in traditional camp activities accompanied by a strong focus in the arts. Equally important are camp duties, good manners and regular cabin inspections that teach each girl responsibility, help her to gain independence and develop self-confidence while making lifelong friends.

To learn more about Onaway please visit the Camp Onaway website or contact Director Barrie Pendergast at [email protected] or call 610-525-0676.

Camp Onaway Camp for Girls, in New Hampshire

Onaway Sisters and Cousins at
Mowglis Crew Day 2012