New Hampshire outdoor summer camp for boys aged 10-15

Camp Mowglis Pack Program

Members of the Mowglis Pack are boys from ages 10-15 years old.

Members of the Pack grow and learn together during their years at camp. The Pack follows a familiar routine known as “the Regular Mowglis day”.

The campers wake up each day in their dormitories to the sound of the bugle. From that moment on, one activity follows another. Clocks become irrelevant as boys become immersed in the Mowglis experience.

In the Pack the boys live in dorms with other boys their own age and their counselors. Named after characters in the Jungle Book, our dorms are called Toomai, Baloo, Akela, Panther, and Den. They are well maintained, screened, open-air buildings which allow the boys a camping experience, even when they are snuggled in their bunks.

The campers enter the Pack at age 10, residing in the Toomai dorm. Boys live in dorms with campers the same age along with a 3:1 camper to counselor ratio. After Toomai, they progress through Baloo, Akela, Panther, and finally the Den.

Campers who return to the Pack summer after summer acquire skills, earn awards and make lifelong friends. By the time the boys reach their final year in the Den (at the age of 14-15) they are expected to become the leaders of the camp, setting the standard for the rest of the Pack. Their leadership is a big part of the Mowglis experience.

A boy who attends Mowglis will always find a mentor with whom he can identify, which is an important stage in a boy’s growth and development. The Mowglis experience is about personal growth, character development, and living as members of a community while acquiring a set of values that will last a lifetime.

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