Mowglis Summer Camp for Boys Inner Society in Grafton County

There are a great many Mowglis traditions. One of our most prestigious is the Inner Circle Ceremony. Each new member earns their seat, having been spoken for by a member of the pack, and earning their four “husky marks”, having proven that they have “carried the spirit of Mowglis into their victory and loyalty for the brothers of the pack.”

As each boy is presented and accepted by Director Nick Robbins in his role as Akela, he declares “Now admit these brothers to the Inner Circle, and may each brother now in the Inner Circle help to light them to better things, as they kindle a welcome within the Inner Circle.”

The Inner Circle Society was founded to honor this tradition of loyalty and generosity to Camp Mowglis. As we considered a name for a leadership organization that would acknowledge the deep commitment of its members, it became clear that there was only one real choice. Like our respected tradition, the Inner Circle Society is for those who serve Mowglis “faithfully and well” and who truly “carry the spirit of Mowglis.

The Inner Circle Society’s member’s generosity of spirit leads the way in giving and ensuring that the Mowglis experience lives on to welcome many more generations into the Inner Circle.

Full Waingunga $1,903-$2,499

The journey from the diving raft to Waingunga Rock and back is a swimming milestone.

Gopher Squad $2,500-$4,999

Joining this two-day Presidential Range excursions is an honor awarded to a select few each summer.

Mt. Washington Squad $5,000-$7,499

This four-day Presidential traverse is awarded to boys who display Mowglis Spirit, both on and off the trail.

Racing Crew $7,500-$9,999

A seat on the Racing Crew is earned by the six best oarsmen and coxswain of each respective crew.

Wolf’s Paw $10,000 +

An award, given to extraordinary Mowglis who achieve all the trip-oriented ribbons and proves themselves to be an exemplary Mowglis Man.