Information for Prospective Families

Information for Prospective Families

What kind of camp is Mowglis?

Mowglis is a fun, outdoorsy, traditional summer camp for boys established in 1903 on the shores Newfound Lake in Hebron, New Hampshire.

Inspired by The Jungle Book stories by Rudyard Kipling, Mowglis was created to give boys the time and space to connect with nature and to learn what it means to be ethical, well-rounded members of a community.

While the seven-week session is key to our program, we do offer a three-week session for our youngest campers (ages 7 to 9) and older first-time campers are invited to attend the first four weeks of our summer, with the option to extend their session to the full seven weeks. Mowglis enrollment is limited to 110 boys.

At Mowglis boys participate in a variety of different outdoor activities in a safe and structured setting. Boys play sports for fun, but we are not a sports camp. We encourage campers to find an activity they enjoy, in which they can excel and where they will gain confidence from that experience. The Mowglis program encourages skill development, with campers working on “ribbon” requirements in each activity area they choose.

Through weekly hiking and camping trips, daily duties, music, singing and the campfire circle, our campers develop a strong sense of community. The Mowglis program sets the stage for personal growth, fosters life-long friendships, and is a ton of fun!

What Makes Mowglis Special?


One of the best reasons to attend a seven-week camp is community. One- and two-week camps just can’t duplicate the tight bonds the boys develop over the course of a full summer, and over the course of several seasons.


Since 1911 one of the defining aspects of the Mowglis program has been rowing. Crew is a uniquely cooperative sport where the synergy of the group is more important than the strength of one individual. All boys ages 10 and up learn to row in our unique Mowglis crew boats. These boats are custom built and differ from traditional shells in that they are more stable and better suited for learning. The sixth week of camp culminates in a day of races where younger boys compete for form and older boys compete for speed. Each boy is assigned to a crew team, either red or blue, and boys who have a prior Mowglis affiliation (father, uncle, grandfather, brother or cousin) are assigned to the same color team.


We have campers and staff from all over the United States and the world.


“What’s an Industry,” says the outsider? Think of our 21 industries as an outdoor education, that can only be achieved at camp. The Industries are designed to instruct boys in a set of skills, where they make progress throughout the summer, gaining confidence and competence in that activity. Proficiency is rewarded with ribbons.


Mowglis is small and enrollment is limited to 110 campers. No one gets lost. Our camp is a tight-knit community where everyone knows everyone else’s name.


The Mowglis staff is made up primarily of former Mowglis campers who are college age. The staff is professional at delivering an outdoor education experience.


Mowglis has had the same program, with small tweaks, for over 100 years. The Mowglis traditions and daily schedule help boys to learn and grow as individuals on their way to becoming responsible young men. It works!


Overnight base trips, pack trips, canoeing, and day trips. Each boy will spend at least four nights camping away from camp and will go on a day trip every week.

Zero Technology

Boys and staff are required to “unplug” while at camp. So for seven weeks, Mowglis is a haven from the demands of our increasingly electronic world.

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