Thank YOU for Being a Mowglis Family!

Mowglis Boys Summer Campers are Family

Our families know that Mowglis overnight summer camp for boys aged 7-15 is an extraordinary place. This is due in no small part to the wonderful families who have chosen our outdoor leadership camp for their sons. In joining the Mowglis family, you help us pass the torch, carrying on the tradition of summer camp to future generations and other families across the country.

Growing Together at Mowglis Summer Camp for Boys

Located in the woods of New Hampshire near Maine and Vermont, just 3 hours from Boston, and 5-6 hours from New York and Pennsylvania, Camp Mowglis is set among forests, lakes, and mountains, amidst the natural scenery of the New Hampshire countryside. But our camp is more than just a beautiful backdrop. It’s a place to grow year after year while taking part in some of the most fun and amazing activities a kid can imagine. Here we learn and grow as a family.

Spread the Joy – Help Us Extend Our Boys Summer Camping Family

Most of our campers come from word-of-mouth referrals, including fellow campers and parents like you, who’ve experienced the wonder of camping through their children’s eyes. Together, we’re growing our sons into fine young men, one momentous summer at a time. As the excitement builds over strengthening our boys in body and character while fostering lifelong relationships, it’s natural to want to share this experience with others. Who else will you invite along on the journey to come and grow with us?

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for becoming part of the Camp Mowglis family. Please help us spread the joy of camping. If you know of someone you’d like to invite to join our camping family, please complete our camp referral form so we can reach out.

Thank you – and see you soon!

Nick Robbins, Director

Camp Mowglis Family
Camp Mowglis Family
Camp Mowglis Family
Camp Mowglis Family