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Information for Current Mowglis Parents

This page is THE go-to source for important information for the Mowglis season and will help answer many questions.

Camper Arrival Day

  • Here is the drop-off schedule for Saturday:
    • 10:00 AM Den & Yearlings
    • 11:00 AM Panther
    • 12:00 PM Akela
    •  1:00 PM Baloo
    •  2:00 PM Toomai
    •  3:00 PM Cubs
    •  4:00 PM Siblings & Late Arrival
      • Our drop-off station will be set up at the Jungle House, the brown and white house you’ll see when you arrive at camp.
      • At drop-off, your son will meet with our medical team of nurses and counselors will unload his bags; you’ll meet his lead counselor and then head out – we do the moving-in as one of the first group activities. All said and done, from pulling in to pulling out of the driveway, you’re probably looking at around 1/2 an hour for drop-off… it’s short and sweet!
      • If you have multiple campers in different age groups, please either pick the arrival time window that will work best for your family or utilize the Siblings and Late arrival window.

Parents Weekend

  • Parents are welcome to pick up their camper between noon to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday and take him out for the day. You can even keep him out of camp overnight, but please be sure he is back for Duties by 8:45 a.m. on Sunday.

Four-Week Campers Departure

  • Pick-up for 4-week campers will be very similar to drop-off and will take place at the Jungle House on Saturday, from 11 to noon, unless separately arranged with camp.

Three-Week Cubs Arrival

  • Between 2:00 and 3:00 PM in front of the Jungle House.

Bonfire & Crew Day! Parents and Alumni are welcome.

Mrs. Holt’s Day (last day of camp)

Please use this checklist to help prepare for an awesome time at Mowglis this summer:

What When Links
Camper Forms Due May 15 Access your Son’s Forms here
Tuition Payments Made or Scheduled ½ by March 15 & ½ by May 15 Make a payment here
Review Packing List and Order Uniform The sooner the better Packing List and Order here
Book Accommodations if staying locally ASAP Visit
Friend Nick Robbins (Mowglis Profile for Parents) on Facebook The sooner the better Facebook Page
Download the Campanion App for camper photos and forms When you’re doing forms Campanion APP
Review Parent Handbook View the Handbook

Program Protector Tuition Insurance

Program Protector, tuition insurance, is now available for purchase during the online registration process and if purchased, may protect up to the full cost of your son’s session and includes a variety of other benefits should the need arise. To purchase this coverage, please go HERE. To determine if Program Protection Tuition Insurance is right for you by going HERE. Please be in touch if you have any questions about this program. Given the current concerns about covid-19 purchasing this tuition insurance could make sense for you and your family.

Camper Forms

If you haven’t already, PLEASE get going on your camper forms ASAP. They’re not too painful and most can be completed right online.

Packing List

Once you’ve completed the camper forms, packing is the next step. View the camper packing list here.

Camp Mowglis Uniforms

We use a camp outfitter called “Everything Summer Camp”. When you order the uniform, you’ll do so from their website. The items will ship to you unless you’d prefer to have them come to camp. You can find the packing list online HERE, in the Parent Handbook, as well as on the Everything Summer Camp website.

In addition to the uniform clothing, Everything Summer Camp sells pretty much everything your son will need for camp. Please note that when you go to their website, you need to click the turquoise rectangle that says “Get Your Camp Gear”. (See red arrow below)

*A note about trunks and such: Campers at Mowglis unpack into the cubbies (we call them bureaus) which are next to their bed. Unlike may camps, the campers don’t live out of a trunk, so what you pack his belongings in will only be used to transport his stuff to camp. Therefore, a duffel bag, soft trunk, hard trunk, or even a suitcase can work.

activities for boys summer camp NH
Summer Life at boys outdoor camp NH
activities boys outdoor camp NH

Keeping in Touch With Your Camper(s) During the Summer

Communications from the Campers: Parents are assured of at least one letter from their son each week, as all campers are required to turn in a letter to gain admittance to lunch on Sunday. Nothing like a little motivation! To encourage additional communication from your son, equip him with postcards that are good for jotting quick notes each day or so. Don’t forget to send plenty of stamps, envelopes & writing paper.

Communications from Home

As you can imagine, the campers LOVE to get mail! Our mailing address for the US Postal Service is:

Camper Name
C/O Camp Mowglis
P.O. Box 9
Hebron, NH 03241

Our mailing address for UPS and FedEx is:

Camp Mowglis
4 Mowglis Drive
Hebron, NH 03241

Each camper has his own mailbox, where his mail is deposited each morning. For first time campers, it’s nice to have frequent mail, so enlist additional relatives or friends to send mail as well, but we suggest not overdoing it as it is important for campers to be able to focus on the fun they are having at camp. Letters don’t have to be long, as most campers seem to enjoy the quantity of mail!

When writing to your son, it’s a good idea to keep your letters from home upbeat and “newsy” without making your son feel as though he is missing out on tons of fun. Try to avoid phrases like, “We miss you terribly, it is so lonely and we can hardly stand it here without you,” but rather, “We know you are having a wonderful experience,” or “You are so fortunate to be at camp.”