Boys learn teamwork at Camp Mowglis on Newfound Lake, NH

Mowglis Facilities

The Mowglis campus covers 160 acres on the northeast corner of Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, one of the cleanest and most beautiful lakes in the United States. The main camp is situated on 55 acres located directly on the lake with over 1,300 feet of shoreline.

Although there are over 30 buildings at camp, our campers and staff spend most of their time outside or in the water. Our cabins/dormitories are large open air buildings where the campers sleep and spend relax time with others their same age. There are six dorms at camp.  

One of the most impressive buildings at camp is Grey Brothers Hall. Grey Brothers was rebuilt back in the 30’s with over 500,000 board feet of lumber harvested from the Mowglis grounds. Gray Brothers houses our stage, pianos, music room, library, nature center, and camp scheduling office. There are a number of original Mowglis themed artworks completed by former staff member, and celebrated Native American artist Richard West (aka Cheyenne Chief Wah-pah-nah-yah).

An additional 100 acres are located on the East side of Route 3-A. Activities like orienteering and axemanship take boys across the road and into the woods. A hiking trail (The White-Footed Mouse Trail) passes through here on the way up Plymouth Mountain.

Mowglis is fortunate to have many large eastern white pines whose towering presence graces our grounds, along with a mostly wooded and diverse forest around the center of camp. Raccoons and foxes can be spotted around camp and loons can be heard almost every night. We are a quick 35-minute drive from Franconia Notch, home to some of the most spectacular mountains and trails in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.  This gives us many great opportunities to expose the boys to the outdoors and the backcountry. 

There are a variety of activities for the campers to choose from while at camp. Each industry is well equipped with the supplies, tools, and space needed for the boys to receive in-depth instruction from their counselors. The trip closet, where the camping industry is based, contains a wide range of outdoor gear including backpacking packs, tents, and cook-sets. 

Our expansive waterfront is home to three large swimming areas, a fleet of canoes, kayaks, rowboats, windsurfers, single and four man crew shells, aqua fins and 420 sailboats, along with the two traditional Mowglis crew boats.

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Camp Mowglis view overlooking Newfound Lake in New Hampshire
Newfound Lake in New Hampshire
Grey Brothers Hall at Camp Mowglis
Camp Mowglis view overlooking Newfound Lake in New Hampshire