Camp Mowglis Summer Camp for Boys near the White Mountains, NH

The Camp Mowglis Philosophy

In a setting of forests, lakes, and mountains, Mowglis provides a wholesome learning experience through which campers develop confidence, independence, personal strength, a sense of responsibility towards others and the environment…and have a TON of FUN!

Each Mowglis camper builds strong friendships and learns lessons that last a lifetime. From the youngest Cub to the oldest boys of the Pack, each is a valued member of the Mowglis family. At camp we focus on personal growth, character development, and community building.

Camp Mowglis Core Values

  • Treat each other with kindness
  • Respect the natural life that surrounds us
  • Give to others with generosity of heart
  • Lead when called to lead; follow when called to follow
  • Be the first to volunteer and the last to complain
  • Find the best in every moment
  • Have the wisdom to know what is right and the courage to act
  • Dare to be the best you can be
  • Act with humility

Growing as an individual

Mowglis offers a personal growth experience for every individual in our community. We encourage the boys to become well-rounded individuals, and to challenge themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally while learning competence, confidence and respect. The structure of the program, and its goal-oriented approach keeps campers motivated to try new things, and to excel in their efforts at all levels of ability.

Along with the practical skills that are learned through the program, boys gain confidence in themselves. Campers participate rather than observe and try new things in a supportive environment. They also experience the satisfaction associated with realizing their goals and being recognized by peers and staff. Recognition like earning ribbons, admission to the Inner Circle, honor hiking squads and racing crews are a big part of the Mowglis experience.

Developing a strong sense of character

At the core of the Mowglis mission is a commitment to create youth of sturdy character based on the establishment of the timeless values of honesty, integrity, compassion, and respect for others. Pursuit of these values lays the foundations for everything we do. At Mowglis, we simply try our best in everything we do. This means being sincere and thoughtful and displaying sound judgment by choosing right over wrong in both word and deed.

Learning to live as a member of a community

At Mowglis, the benefit of a seven week residential program is hard to replicate. It gives each camper the opportunity to learn the patience and tolerance that naturally occur as a diverse community lives and grows together. Part of each camper’s personal growth is gaining respect for those around him. Campers also gain respect for nature by living in beautiful outdoor surroundings.

A healthy group experience provides the opportunity for a camper to feel a part of, and contribute to, something larger than himself. It teaches honesty, respect for others, and cooperation in a way that is felt deeply and lasts a lifetime. Colonel Alcott Farrar Elwell, Director of Mowglis for 50 years, wrote this in 1943 “Mowglis has striven to quicken, unfold, and develop the good which is inherent in every boy’s character; and to bring him the companionship and friendship of the finest type of boys and men, and to establish the foundation for successful group adjustment.”

Col. Elwell identified the value of group adjustment, and at Mowglis we feel the benefits of our group experience cannot be replicated in any other setting. We believe the lasting value of the experiences and education gained at Mowglis are vital to the health of the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow. The desire to pass on the spirit of Mowglis, and thus contribute to the welfare of our society, keeps trustees, alumni, staff, and camper families connected and motivated to make Mowglis thrive.

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