International Campers at Camp Mowglis

International Campers at Camp Mowglis

We are pleased to welcome a limited number of international campers to Mowglis. Campers from abroad add diversity to the Mowglis community and give our American campers an opportunity to appreciate different cultures and make friends from around the world. A primary reason for sending a camper to Mowglis from abroad is to practice English language skills and experience our American summer camp culture. We ask that all campers speak English while at camp. We make sure there is not an overabundance of campers from abroad, so the language and cultural immersion aspect of the experience remain intact.

Flying to Camp Package

If your son is traveling to Mowglis via airplane, you will be purchasing the “flying to camp package which will provide him with all the backpacking/camping equipment (backpack, sleeping bag, technical equipment, eating utensils), bedding (pillows, sheets, and blankets), and transportation he will need to make to camp, have a great time, and head home safely.

Airport Transportation Details

The two airports closest to Mowglis are Boston, Massachusetts’s Logan Airport (BOS), (a two-hour drive from Mowglis) and Manchester, New Hampshire’s International Airport (MHT) (a one-hour drive from Mowglis). A Mowglis representative will meet your son at the gate after he has passed through customs. When it is time to return home, a Mowglis representative will deliver your son to the airline.


Although we typically encourage parents to send written mail to their sons, and we discourage phone calls, exceptions are made in the case of international campers. Parents can either e-mail their sons and receive an e-mail reply, or they can schedule an appropriate time to call camp (usually during dinner).