Summer camp for boys age 7-9 in New Hampshire

Camp Mowglis Cub Program

The Cubs are our youngest group of campers, ranging from 7-9 years old.

Cubs have their own space in our boys summer camp called Cubland. This allows us to give them personalized attention, which is appropriate for our youngest boys who are away from mom and dad for the first time. One of the Cub counselors is a woman who is called the Cub Mother and who provides the stand-in-mom experience the boys sometimes need. She stays with the Cubs throughout the summer.

Cubland is where the Cub dorm is located along with Kipling Hall, a jungle gym, tether-ball poles and a playing field. They have their own campfire circle for evening programs, and in Kipling Hall they have a library with children’s books, a piano, and a fireplace. In the case of a rainy day, Kipling Hall also provides an excellent space for a variety of indoor activities.

The Cubs follow the same daily schedule as the bigger campers who are referred to as the Pack. The Cubs do many of the same activities as the Pack, with flexibility for their group to partake in their own adventures which may be more age appropriate.

The Cubs go on overnight trips, day hikes, row in the Camp Mowglis crew boats, have instructional swim, can receive group instruction in specific activities, play team games, and go on treasure hunts. The beach at Baloo Cove is the Cubs’ private swimming area. Newfound Lake quickly becomes a favorite place.

With the personal, careful and skillful help from the Cub Mom and their counselors, the Cubs adjust quickly to all aspects of the Mowglis experience. For the Cubs it is a summer of personal growth, fun, and adventure. Cubs and the Pack do many activities together and the older boys may teach the Cubs some of the skills they have learned.

Members of the Pack (boys age 10-14) learn to look out for the Cubs around camp, and the Cubs soon understand what it means to look out for others. We understand going to sleep-away camp for the first time can be an adjustment for both parents children. Most first-time Cubs attend for the final three weeks of camp and some attend for all seven weeks of camp. We limit the size of the Cub program to help ensure a personable, well supervised, and nurturing environment.

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