Back-to-Basics Summer Camp

At Camp Mowglis boys unplug from technology.

They laugh, learn, and play on the beautiful lakes, mountains, and rivers of New Hampshire.

They go hiking at least once a week and eat freshly prepared meals of organic and farm-raised food.

At Camp Mowglis, boys can be boys, while at the same time learning how to be good men.

Established in 1903 on Newfound Lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Camp Mowglis is a fun, back-to-basics summer camp for boys.






Parent Testimonials

"We were concerned about our 9 y.o. son going away to camp because he hadn't even slept over a friend's house. He as a tendency to rely on his parents for everything so we were also concerned about his ability to take care of himself. The staff and philosophy of Mowglis grew our son up! Even after his first year as a cub (3-week program), he came back confident, assertive, helpful and self-assured. It was wonderful to watch. He will be going into his 3rd year at Mowglis and neither he, nor we, can wait!"

"I wish he had started going there earlier. I really cannot say enough about this place. I truly believe it is one of the best experiences you can provide for your son over the summer. I HIGHLY recommend it."




Summer at Mowglis – 3, 4, or 7 Weeks at the quintessential camp on a lake

Beginning as Cubs boys ages 7 - 9 spend their time at Mowglis under the supervision of a group of carefully selected counselors and the "Cub Mother" in a part of the camp known as "Cubland." Most Cubs attend Mowglis for three weeks as they learn to spend time away from home.

In the Pack, boys ages 10 - 15 live in cabins grouped by age. They learn new skills, have tons of fun, and make lifelong frineds; they are encouraged to challenge themselves and continue their growth with expanded opportunities for fun, adventure, and skill development, year after year.


Quality Time Well Spent

Some things cannot be rushed; time at camp is one of those things. Our 3, 4, and 7 week session lengths allow campers to develop real skills, personal strenght and confidence, as well as a close community of friends - a community that begins in the summer and lasts a lifetime.




Activities at Mowglis are called Industries

Mowglis integrates camping, arts, water-sports, and camaraderie into a summer camp program like no other.

Boys have fun while working hard towards developing expertise and achieving goals within their chosen activities.


History: The Kipling & Jungle Book Connection

Around 1900, the founder of Camp Mowglis was a so inspired by Kipling’s Jungle Book stories that she decided to start a "summer school" that would teach young men the important lessons that little Mowgli learned in Kipling’s timeless stories. Like Kipling, she was concerned that young men were losing their connections with nature and community. She corresponded directly with Kipling and received his permission to use the names and themes from his stories to help bring the Camp Mowglis program to life. Over 100 years later those same principles guide and form the foundation for our program…