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Camp Mowglis for Boys

Boys Overnight  Summer Camp in New Hampshire

Shaping Boys into Good Men Since 1903

A Place to Breathe, to Build, and to Belong

You want to give your son the world, but the problem is, you’re not sure the world is the best place for him.

  • With mounting pressure to succeed in school, sports, and socially
  • With every spare moment filled with screens and digital devices
  • With so much cultural division, lack of friendliness and civility
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Camp Mowglis founder Elizabeth Ford Holt asked herself the same question. She saw growth opportunities for boys slipping away as the pace and demands of daily life increased.

Young men needed to get back to basics. To learn life’s important lessons. To feed their souls, nourish their minds, and strengthen their bodies.

Mrs. Holt wanted to give boys a place to breathe. To build. And to belong.


Camp Mowglis is a three, four or seven-week youth development experience – a New Hampshire outdoor overnight summer camp for boys ages 7-15. Every summer, we host a small group of around 100 boys in the natural beauty of the New Hampshire mountains and disconnect from everyday life in search of something bigger.

“I spent 9 consecutive summers at Camp Mowglis, and rate the experience as one of the foundations for my growth as a person. I not only had a series of amazing summers but I was taught important life skills that I could not — and did not — receive anywhere else in my life. I have seen immense change and growth in the young boys and men who choose to take that seven-week leap, so much so that I can’t wait until I am lucky enough to send my son.”
— Ron R. (Mowglis graduate, 2007)

Mowglis School of the Open – A boys summer camp like no other

Our “School of the Open” program is based on the timeless values of honesty, integrity, compassion, and respect for others (including Mother Earth). Pursuit of these values lays the foundations for everything we do.

Over seven weeks this summer, your son will experience a transformation. He may look the same when he returns home, but you’ll notice the change in subtle yet powerful ways:

  • You’ll see it when your son stands tall in an unfamiliar place while making eye contact and shaking hands with strangers.
  • You’ll see it when he asks for new hiking boots for his birthday instead of the latest smartphone.
  • You’ll see it when he divvies up a group project and sets deadlines to keep team members on track.
  • You’ll see it when he says, “Here Mom, let me dry those dishes for you.”
  • You’ll see it when he calls a friend who just lost a parent every day for a month, just to remind him he’s not alone in his hardship.
  • You’ll see it when he shows up a half-hour early to run extra laps before soccer practice.

The Camp Mowglis Mission

The mission of Camp Mowglis is to develop integrity, empathy, resilience, and leadership in young men through the time-tested and fun outdoor experiential program and community we call the “School of The Open.”

boys overnight summer camp new hampshire

At the core of the Mowglis mission is a commitment to create youth of sturdy character.
The changes your son experiences here permeate through all areas of life.

“The staff and philosophy of Mowglis grew our son up! We were concerned about him going away to camp because he hadn’t even slept over a friend’s house. He as a tendency to rely on his parents for everything so we were also concerned about his ability to take care of himself. After his first year as a cub, he came back confident, assertive, helpful, and self-assured. It was wonderful to watch.”
— Jeffrey H. (Mowglis dad)

A New Pack

And while he’ll be thrilled to reunite after his seven weeks away, he’ll also have a new pack: the Mowglis family. Friendships from Camp Mowglis have deep roots and provide a support network to carry your son throughout his life. Your son will always have a home here.

New Hampshire overnight summer camp for boys

“There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for this wonderful place. It is truly like a big extended family. My son LOVED his summer there and cannot wait to return for a second year.”
— Sue M. (Mowglis mom)

The Mowglis Way: True Magic

When you remove the 21st Century stress and strain, true magic has space to grow in the white space that remains.

Camp Mowglis is the world you wish you could create for your son — one where values are instilled, meaningful friendships are created, and life can be simple again.

We would love to welcome you to experience The Mowglis Way for yourself.

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