Woodworking at Camp Mowglis

A good portion of each Regular Mowglis Day is spent participating in Industries. Industries are made up of the core 16 specialized activities. Each activity is taught in small groups by capable and caring staff selected for their expertise.

Campers choose their industries and work towards achieving  “ribbons” or “husky marks” which acknowledge their accomplishments.  There are also a number of intermediate tests easily achieved by younger boys that serve as way points for those working toward ribbons.  

Afternoon Activities and Open Period

In addition to Industries, there are many other activities. In the afternoon open period the counselor in charge organizes a function for the whole camp to enjoy. This is often the time when team sports are played, as well as counselor hunts, capture-the-flag, or other problem solving and leadership games. Afterwards, every camper heads to the waterfront for an afternoon soak. Newfound Lake, one of the clearest and cleanest lakes in the country, is warm and inviting. Nothing is more refreshing for boys and staff alike than to catch a swim before dinner.  

Jumping in the Lake

Teamwork and Responsibility

There’s a portion of the regular Mowglis day when everyone contributes to the camp community. After breakfast, every camper spends a half-hour fulfilling a duty that helps maintain the property. After lunch, the boys will spend a half-hour making their bed and tidying up their living area. These periods of light work teach teamwork and responsibility. The boys know when the work is done, the fun begins!    


Every evening after dinner, our campfire programs feature singing and special presentations by staff or visiting alumni. It’s a quiet time that gives everyone a chance to relax and reflect. After the “Good Night Song” the boys head to their dormitories (cabins) and prepare for bed. Staff will read for a short time before “Taps” is played.


IMG_5592   Industries, afternoon activities, open periods, duties, and campfire all make up the regular days, but not all the days are regular at Mowglis. Our Trip Program and our Crew/Rowing Program really shape who we are and provide some of the most defining memories of the summer.


Our structured camp environment offers many choices and provides campers with many opportunities to grow, learn and achieve. Boys move easily from one activity to another throughout the day by a series of bugle calls that they very soon come to recognize. The days are full without being harried, and active without being exhausting. The summer passes all too quickly!

Daily Schedule

7:15 Reveille: boys and staff rise, fold sheets and blankets
7:40  Table boys report to the dining hall to set up for breakfast
7:50 Bugle call to mealtime, boys wash hands and head to breakfast
7:55 Breakfast
9:00 Duties: each boy has a duty assigned on a rotating basis
9:30 First activity (Industry) Period
10:45 First Sign-Up Period
11:55 Call to Quarters (return to cabins/dorms)
12:00 Table boys report to the dining hall to help set up for lunch
12:15 Lunch
1:00 “Relax” a period of relaxation (rest hour)
2:00 Clean up for inspection, boys, and staff make beds and clean dorms
2:20 Inspection: counselor of the day checks the dorms are sufficiently clean
2:35 Second Industry Period   
3:45 Second Sign-Up Period
4:45 Soak: all boys and staff to the waterfront
5:45 Table boys report to the dining hall to set up for dinner
6:00 Dinner
7:30 Colors ceremony to take down the flag
7:35 Evening campfire program
8:45 Call to Quarters to get ready for bed
9:15 Taps (bedtime)

Sunday Schedule

7:45 Reveille
8:15 Breakfast
9:30 Duties
10:00 Clubs: a period when staff offer unique activities, otherwise unavailable
11:45 Call to Quarters to write Howls (journal entries) and letters home
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Relax
3:00 Clean-up and Inspection
4:00 Chapel
4:45 Soak
5:45 Picnic Supper, regular schedule resumes

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