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Employment Opportunities at Camp Mowglis

Summer Camp Counselor

Being a camp counselor at Mowglis is one of the most fun, exhausting, and deeply rewarding jobs you will ever hold. It is a commitment of time and energy that is not only worthwhile but also looks great on your resume. Working at Mowglis will develop your leadership, communication, and teamwork skills and you will form lifelong bonds of friendship with your fellow counselors.

If you are interested in helping bring Mowglis to life for the summer and making a positive impact on the lives of our campers, please contact us online.

Mowglis is an equal opportunity employer.

Personal Qualifications

  1. Desire to affect positive change in boys and young men
  2. Ability to work in a cooperative, team-oriented atmosphere
  3. Create a safe living and learning environment for campers
  4. Promote the health and welfare of each person in the camp community
  5. Be a person of good character, integrity, maturity and self-control
  6. Display enthusiasm and a sense of humor
  7. Be self-motivated, take initiative to work independently
  8. Show adaptability, patience and good sportsmanship
  9. Have tons of energy and a desire to have fun
  10. Be an ambassador for Mowglis and the camp experience

Job Responsibilities

  1. Teach or lead one of the camp activities (generally specializing in one area)
  2. Guide groups of boys participating in all aspects of camp life
  3. Live with and supervise groups of boys in their cabins/dormitories
  4. Dine with and supervise groups of boys at mealtimes
  5. Supervise and assist during cabin/dormitory chores
  6. Lead day hikes and overnight backpacking trips
  7. Give at least one hour-long presentation at the campfire circle
  8. Fully participate in camp life when not leading an activity/industry
  9. Embrace Counselor-of-the-Day and other duties as assigned
  10. Uphold Mowglis traditions, rites, and ceremonies

Job Requirements

  1. Minimum age of 19 years old
  2. One year of college or equivalent
  3. Previous summer camp experience (as camper or staff is desired)
  4. Complete the online Mowglis application
  5. Provide letter(s) of recommendation
  6. Interview by phone, Skype, or in-person
  7. Pass a comprehensive background check
  8. Complete and sign health forms and code-of-conduct
  9. Participate in pre-camp staff training

Mowglis Boys Summer Camp Counselor – Job Description

To access the Online Mowglis Staff Application please go here.