meet the team at boys summer camp NH

Meet the Year-Round Mowglis Team

It Takes a Village to Raise a Cub

To answer the question you’re likely asking yourself — “Who are the grown-ups in charge of this place?” — let me introduce you to the Camp Mowglis team.

Wait, where are my manners? I really should introduce myself first, shouldn’t I?

Camp Director — Nick Robbins

Hi, I’m Nick. Dad, husband, teacher, nature lover, ski patroller, philosophy geek, lifelong “camp guy”, and Director here at Camp Mowglis.

I’ve always loved the outdoors, teaching folks about the outdoors, working with people, and thinking about life’s big questions. After graduating from the Colorado College with a Philosophy degree, I sought a career that would involve my dual passions for outdoor education and emergency medicine, which led me to become the camp Emergency Medical Technician at another excellent New Hampshire summer camp in 2002. Life works in mysterious ways, and I spent eleven years at that camp, cutting my teeth in the industry and learning the ins and outs of running a successful camp. I worked my way up, first to Assistant Director, and then to year-round Camp Director, a position I held from 2005 to 2013.

After a decade of helping that program grow exponentially, I was ready for more. I wanted a smaller, mission-driven camp that was more outdoorsy and had deeper ties to youth development. I wanted something that really stirred my soul. When I found Camp Mowglis, I knew it was The One instantly. I’ve been the Camp Director here since 2013.

In addition to being Director of Mowglis, I’m an Accreditation Visitor for the American Camp Association which means that I visit other camps during their operating season to make sure they’re following all the industry best practices for health and safety. I sit on the boards of the New Hampshire Camp Directors Association as well as the American Camp Association’s New England Chapter; during the winter I maintain an active role with the National Ski Patrol as a certified Outdoor Emergency Care Provider. I also have a significant emergency medical background (former EMT) and have led wilderness trips for all ages of kids and teens throughout the country and abroad.

I’m not one of those Camp Directors who lurks in the office. I’m always out around camp and I’ll personally know your son and vice versa. I’m a dad too. I get safety concerns, worries about fitting in, homesickness, all of it. I strive to be the kind of Camp Director I would want looking out for my kids.

That’s why I work very closely with our camp families before, during, and after the summer. We both want the same thing: a positive environment to teach your son to be a great man — and have a ton of fun along the way.

I was very impressed with how personalized our experience was. We received personal letters that reassured us that our son was being well taken care of and that he was being worked with and treated as an individual, not just another kid in the group. – Benjamin Millett (Mowglis dad)

If you’re curious about whether Camp Mowglis is the right fit for your son, contact me anytime at [email protected]. I’m here all year and I have an open door (and inbox) policy. Even if Mowglis isn’t the right fit (because it’s not for everyone) I’ll give you some great alternatives that are a better match.

meet the team at boys summer camp NH

Assistant Director, Scheduler& Food Service Manager — Diana Robbins

No, Diana’s last name isn’t a coincidence. And yes, we have one of those classic camp love stories!

Diana is originally from Timisoara, Romania, and has been a year-round camp program administrator and foodservice professional since 2001. We met at camp, fell in love at camp, and now are raising our three kids — Lizzie, Dru, and Juniper  — at camp. Suffice it to say, we wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of this place!

As the camp scheduler, Diana works with the campers and staff to organize everybody’s time at camp. Thanks to her, we always know where everyone is, and make sure that all the bases are covered!

With our nature-first focus at Camp Mowglis, good food is very important to us. Diana works with local producers to keep what’s on our plates as close to nature as possible. We look for organic ingredients whenever possible from farmers who use sustainable and humane practices.

She makes sure the boys are fueling their bodies with good nutrition to get through long hikes and challenging crew races on the water. And, of course, she makes sure our food tastes great, too!

For any dietary concerns or questions about our food, contact Diana at [email protected].

meet the team at boys summer camp NH

Associate Director & Property Manager– Tommy Greenwell

Tommy’s been part of the Mowglis family for over 20 years! He started in 1993 as a cub and has only missed a handful of summers since. (Tommy’s claim to fame is that he hasn’t missed a single Crew Day – the big end of summer crew rega since 1993!)

In addition to wearing various hats at Camp Mowglis through the decades — dorm counselor, Tripmaster, Yearling Program leader, Assistant Director — Tommy also brings years of outside experience to his current role of Associate Director. He holds a B.A. in Outdoor Education and Leadership from Sterling College, worked at The City Kids Wilderness Project in Wyoming, studied at the National Outdoor Leadership School, and worked as an environmental educator for the Don Lee Center in North Carolina.

Tommy lives here at Mowglis year round. You can reach him at [email protected].

meet the team at boys summer camp NH

Director of Alumni Relations; Summer Assistant Director – James Hart

James comes from a long line of Mowglis men. His grandfather, father, and uncles were campers, Directors, and even sat on the Board of Trustees. Suffice it to say, Mowglis is in James’s blood.

After spending summers here as a camper, James returned as a riflery instructor in 2014. His passion for competitive shooting arose during his time in the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer and unit Armorer. Two years later, wanting to deepen the bond between Mowglis men, James took on the role of Director of Development & Alumni Relations. He also serves as an Assistant Director on our summer team.

Outside of his summers at Mowglis, James teaches Political Science at the University of New Haven as an adjunct professor. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and an M.S. in Education. He also has a camp love story of his own and married former Cub Mother, Ms. Liz (Elizabeth Cecere) in the Chapel of the Woods in August of 2018.

“Mowglis was such an experience for me that as an adult, while finishing graduate school, I found myself BACK at Mowglis again… and remain there even now, returning in the summers as Assistant Director. There is no institution that I have ever been a part of, which includes academic institutions and the military, that has had as profound of an impact on me as Mowglis has. I could not recommend it higher.” – James Hart

You can reach James at [email protected].

meet the team at boys summer camp NH

Registrar — Holly Taylor

Holly has been bringing smiles to Mowglis parents’ faces since 2009. She melds her natural friendly nature with her background in human relations and business administration to her role as Mowglis Registrar. She’ll help you sign up your son and answer any questions you have about the Mowglis forms or paperwork… Holly is our paperwork Diva and as such, is the glue that holds the program together!

Outside of summers at Mowglis, Holly loves spending time with her family  at their home in Western Maine, or at the fishing camp that her husband Chris manages.

You can reach Holly at [email protected].

meet the team at boys summer camp NH