New Hampshire Summer Camp for Boys Age 7-15

About Camp Mowglis

Established in 1903, Mowglis is a non-profit residential camp located in Hebron, New Hampshire and offers a traditional summer camping experience for boys ages 7 to 15.

Attending camp Mowglis helps boys develop confidence, independence, personal resources, and a sense of responsibility toward others and the environment, all while having fun and making lifelong friends.

Mission Statement

The mission of Camp Mowglis is to develop integrity, empathy, resilience, and leadership in young men through the time-tested and fun outdoor experiential program and community we call The School of The Open.

Program Goals

  • To provide a safe, fun, and wholesome environment
  • To promote exploration, participation, and confidence
  • To promote goal setting and skill development
  • To encourage cooperation, respect, and community building
  • To build strong character and values

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Camper Population

Campers come from all over the world, representing as many as 20 states and 10 countries each year. Mowglis is situated in the heart of New England on Newfound Lake, just south of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Our Campus

The camp’s property includes 125 acres of pine woods and open space as well as an extensive shoreline. Throughout camp are playing fields, riflery and archery ranges, clay tennis courts, and a fully equipped crafts shop. Rustic open-air dormitories, assembly halls, and an infirmary are among the facilities set into the wooded surroundings. Two waterfront areas with two boathouses are well suited to water sports, including crew.

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The Mowglis Program

Mowglis offers a diverse program allowing campers to experience a wide variety of traditional outdoor activities in a safe and structured setting. Day and overnight hiking trips in the White Mountains give the boys a chance to appreciate the outdoors, while a camp-wide emphasis on crew provides the opportunity to learn a uniquely cooperative sport that rewards team effort over individual skill.

Our Counselors

Mowglis counselors are selected not only for their skills and qualifications, but also for the example they provide. Some of the staff members are school teachers, and many were campers at Mowglis. We have a 3:1 camper to staff ratio.

How we Hire, Train and Prepare our Senior Staff

Contrary to the common depiction in movies that shows summer camp work as an easy job full of goofing off and shenanigans, being a member of the Mowglis Senior Staff is serious business. It is super rewarding, and is definitely a lot of fun, but the level of responsibility for and the influence on our campers that Senior Staffers have mandates that we hire, train, and coach the best of the best.

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The Legend of The Jungle Book and our Kipling Connection

With the permission of author Rudyard Kipling, the camp’s founder borrowed names from his Jungle Books, and to this day Toomai, Baloo, Akela, and other names are used throughout the Mowglis program. During his life, Kipling kept in contact with the camp and maintained an active interest in the undertaking so influenced by his inspiring stories.

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Hiking at summer boys' camp in New Hampshire
The Dining Room at Camp Mowglis, Hebron, NH
Swimming and water sports on Newfound Lake, NH
Camp Mowglis teaches boys to sail