Outdoor Leadership Camp for Boys 15-16

Veterans of summer camp know the multitude of benefits it offers young boys, from personal development and independence to friendship and teamwork. However, leadership development is an incredible advantage of overnight camps that frequently goes overlooked.

For boys who want to cultivate their leadership skills, Camp Mowglis offers the Yearling program. This three-week developmental experience is open to Mowglis graduates aged 15-16, as well as those new to Mowglis who want to develop their leadership potential.

Building Skills for a Successful Future

As teens head into the adult world, becoming community leaders and taking on new career roles, the skills they develop over their years at Camp Mowglis ensure success.

  • Independence
    Taking on a leadership role at our camp pushes teens out of their comfort zone, putting them in unexpected and challenging situations. Through experiences ranging from resolving squabbles to managing injuries, they will grow in confidence and develop sound decision-making skills, even when alone or under pressure.
  • Leading Others
    Mowglis’ Yearlings lead campers through every camp experience, from scheduling activities and managing bathroom breaks to carrying out skills evaluations and monitoring event safety. Throughout this process, they learn how to recognize the potential in younger campers, inspiring them to succeed. These hard-earned and highly sought organizational and management skills will serve them well in adulthood.
  • Teamwork
    Mowglis Yearling attendees are adept at finding flexible, creative solutions to life’s daily challenges. Working with others for the betterment of the group breaks self-serving habits, opening the eyes of teens to the value of compromise and investing in others. As they lead younger campers, they will clearly see how the group’s success empowers individual campers, builds confidence, and forges lasting bonds. 

A Fun, Fast Paced, Challenging Program

Located in the woods of New Hampshire near Maine and Vermont, just 3 hours from Boston, and 5-6 hours from New York and Pennsylvania, Camp Mowglis provides teens the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature. This unplugged environment, removed from the distraction of technology, offers a variety of challenging outdoor activities often not available locally to teens. Set in the beauty of the outdoors, Mowglis fosters a deeper connection with nature.

The ideal Yearling participants hold an interest in challenging outdoor activities and a desire to interconnect with the world around them. In our outdoor leadership camp for boys 15-16, boys spend most of their time outdoors on our beautiful campgrounds. In this setting, they will learn trip planning, leadership, and team building while taking part in camping activities that prepare them for future roles as camp leaders.

A Strong Foundation for Future Success

Mowglis’ specialized Yearling program puts young men with the potential to develop into strong senior staff members in the spotlight. Boys who progress through the program are invited back as junior staff, honing their skills and taking on additional responsibilities with Camp Mowglis industries before advancing to senior staff positions. These exceptional young men often grow into influential members of their local communities after their time at Camp Mowglis.

Give your son a strong foundation for adulthood. Learn more about Camp Mowglis exciting outdoor leadership camp for boys 15-16 today.