Mowglis boys’ overnight camp is an incredible program. We’ve developed our outdoor leadership camp for boys to benefit campers as well as the community. The parents of our attendees often tell us that sending their kids to our camp is the best decision they ever made, and they are astounded at the difference it made in their children. To quantify the impact of Mowglis summer camp, we recently conducted a survey in partnership with Plymouth State University’s Youth Development Program. Results showed 98% of parents credited Mowglis with positive changes in their children, illustrating the tremendous growth and development potential our program offers attendees.

Mowglis Boys Summer Camp Boosts Socialization Skills

Relationships are one of the best things we build at camp. We’ve designed our boys’ overnight camp to ease the experience of making new friends and help children learn to get along with others. Survey results showed our attendees’ comfort level in making new friends increased 29% on average after our 2021 session.

“Without a father figure at home, my son had trouble connecting with boys and making friends his age. Mowglis gave him positive adult male role models to look up to, creating an amazing community and family he can count on. You’re part of ‘The Pack’ for life. It’s life-changing.”

Learning to Help Others at Sleepaway Camp

On average, parents saw a 44% improvement in their children taking the initiative to help others and assist around the house after summer camp. Learning to work as part of a community and encouraging others, from coping with the challenges of new activities to celebrating daily victories, is a core part of our program. This sense of togetherness fosters empathy in our boys, creating a support network that cultivates positive change.

“Words can’t describe the positive impact Mowglis had on both my sons. They came back happy, well socialized, and interested in new activities. They were more open with us and had a better understanding of community.”

Developing Integrity and Moral Fiber at Boys Camp

We’ve designed our outdoor leadership camp for boys to build character and moral fiber, forging the path for today’s young men to become future leaders. At the end of this season, parents noted a growth in integrity of 19% above pre-session levels and strength in moral and ethical values improving 12% on average – an evolution that continues year after year.

“We feel blessed to find a camp that goes above and beyond for campers and families. One that understands the social, emotional, and developmental needs of young boys and how to help them grow into the best young men they can be.”

Increased Involvement in Technology-Free Activities

Our unplugged, out-of-school learning environment is like no other, pushing boys out of their daily, technology-centered rut. Overall, our boys enjoyed technology-free activities 48% more after summer camp than before attending. Our location, surrounded by wide-open spaces, nestled in the foothills of New Hampshire on the shore of Newfound Lake, offers the perfect escape from the empty distractions of technology.

“At Mowglis, our son was able to share the wonders of nature with other boys his age, refreshing, reconnecting, and gaining a new perspective on life after so long in isolation due to COVID.”

Fostering Independence Away from Home, at Overnight Camp

Mowglis campers learn a lot about themselves in their time away from home, especially who they are as individuals. As boys learn to master the responsibility of managing their daily schedule and tasks, they can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. Nervousness about being alone and away from family disappears. On average, children enjoyed spending time away from home 59% more after the summer camping season.

“My son can’t wait to return next year for the full 7-week overnight summer camp program!”

Gaining Confidence at Overnight Camp

Time away from home builds self-confidence that will serve young men in college and beyond. Without parents or mobile devices to turn to, their problem-solving and decision-making skills are strengthened, leading to a sense of autonomy and confidence. After attending our overnight camp program, surveyed parents noted an increase in their sons’ level of self-confidence of 45% on average and a 35% improvement in resiliency.

“Mowglis exposed my son to many opportunities, gifting him with the priceless ability to hold his head up high and truly believe in himself. We’re so very fortunate to have Mowglis in our lives.”

“My son always struggled with being flexible, but he returned home from camp better able to manage disappointments and frustrations in response to unexpected daily challenges. The entire family has commented on how much he has matured this summer.”

Learning to Lead at Overnight Summer Camp for Boys

Our sleepaway camp for boys has a reputation for cultivating future leaders, helping children grow by providing a supportive environment, and building on skills campers can apply in the real world. Parents reported their children’s level of leadership ability grew an average of 45% after attending camp.

“My son had never given a speech. At Mowglis, he prepared and delivered a speech, feeling the support to achieve it with ease. He learned how to set boundaries and be himself regardless of what others thought.”

We’re thrilled with the parent response to our survey quantifying the positive impact of Mowglis summer camp following our 2021 camping season. Don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity – our summer 2022 camping program is filling up fast. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more or reserve your spot today.