When you bring your son to his first day of camp, you’re sure to flashback to your own summer camp experiences. Summer camp builds memories your child will remember for the rest of his life. The first day of attending Mowglis boys overnight summer camp for 10, 11, 12-year olds is an incredibly exciting time for you and your son, bringing you together as you share in the adventure – and relive a little of your own. What do you remember about your first summer camp experience?

The Summer Camp Dropoff Turnaround

Do you remember pulling into the campgrounds for the first time and all of your anxieties? Things like how long you’d be away from your family and how far away you’d be. The fact that you didn’t know anyone. Your fear over what was to come. (They don’t really throw kids off the pier to teach them how to swim like your brothers teased, do they?) All the thoughts swirling in your head that disappear when you hear that first tentative hello from another camper your age, and the warm greetings from Mowglis camp counselors as they help you settle into camp. What begins as a nerve-wracking venture quickly transforms into a comfortable, carefree evening in the exciting new world of overnight summer camp. Before you know it, rather than fearing your family leaving, you’re dreading the day they pick you up and take you away from the most fun place on earth.

Goodbye City Life – Hello Nature!

Do you recall the first awesome sight of Plymouth Mountain and Newfound Lake? Located in the woods of N.H. near Maine and Vermont, just 3 hours from Boston, and 5-6 hours from New York and Pennsylvania, Camp Mowglis grounds are amazing. Compared to countryside cornfields and grey, people-packed cities, Mowglis mountain and lakeside retreat feels like the most magical place on the planet. A new place to explore and connect with nature.

From No Friends – To New Friends

Who do you remember from the camp community? Is it the counselors that helped you succeed? Perhaps you recall the new friends that braved new activities and adventures with you. While our grounds are lovely, some of the most beautiful things that come out of the Mowglis experience are friendships. You go in thinking you’re alone, yet suddenly feel like you’re at home among the Mowglis family – a feeling that intensifies the longer you are at camp. In the exciting camp environment, you meet new people and forge lasting friendships – relationships that follow you despite the time and space between you and your camp friends at the end of the summer camping season.

I Get to Do What?! Summer Camp Activities

What were your favorite summer camp activities? Did you even realize you were learning and building your self-confidence as you mastered new skills and got more comfortable in your own skin? Children fall in love with summer camp because of the many experiences they get to have there – things that some people will never get to do in their entire lives. Activities like archery, axemanship, canoeing and kayaking, rock climbing, swimming, fishing, and hiking. You’re never bored – even without video games or TV. Who’d have thought that was possible?

Don’t Let the Fun End

Do you remember the how upset you were when camp was over at the end of the season, and as you aged out? Boys overnight summer camp is an opportunity like no other, and like you, your son won’t want it to end. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to. Many of our boys are so motivated to remain involved with Camp Mowglis, they flock to our Junior Staff program, where they learn to be future leaders, returning year-after-year to play a starring role in the memories of future Mowglis campers.

Give your son the gift of joy, knowledge, and friendship. Make it an amazing first summer camp experience at Camp Mowglis boys overnight summer camp for 10, 11, 12-year olds. Contact us at 603-744-8095 or reserve your spot for the 2021 season online today.