The Summer Camp—A New Factor in Education

On May 1, 1925, the 39-year-old Alcott F. Elwell submitted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education a doctoral thesis titled “The Summer Camp—A New Factor in Education.” He had served as a Counselor at Mowglis on and off since 1905, a year prior to enrolling at Harvard as a part of the undergraduate class of 1910.

The Jungle Book – A Manual For Developing Exceptional Young Men

What does it take in today’s ever faster, ever more connected world to develop young men of strength and character? Men willing and eager to change the world for the better; to raise strong families; to sacrifice, sweat and struggle building communities that thrive while respecting and protecting the natural world we live in.

2015 Camp Mowglis Call – Our Alumni Magazine

Our Alumni Magazine, the Call recaps the 2015 summer and illustrates how, after being influenced by Kipling’s Jungle Book Stories, Camp Mowglis was founded to give boys the time and space for them to reconnect with nature and to learn what it means to be ethical, well-rounded members of a community.

A Regular Mowglis Day

To an outside spectator, the daily life of campers at Mowglis may seem foreign and even strange at times. Telling time through military bugle calls, singing old marching songs in the dining hall, having dorms inspected, swimming “Waingungas,” and getting to sit in the “Inner Circle” during campfire are all unique aspects of Camp Mowglis that campers experience on a regular basis.

Unplugged and Authentic Since 1903

We live in an ever-growing digital culture that requires us to remain "plugged in" at all hours of the day and night. There is no denying our prevailing attachment to our cell phones, our incessant need to check our social media pages, and our relentless desire to stay tuned in to the popular culture trends of our society.

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