Sunblock, swimsuits, pajamas, clean underwear… Now is the perfect time to prepare for a summer 2021 overnight camping experience. While your son will need to bring some gear with him to camp, the things he needs for a fun and memorable camping adventure go well beyond the items you pack. What does your child need to ensure a great summer camp experience?


If your son is a summer camp veteran, he likely won’t let your car door hit him when you drop him off. But for newcomers, the idea of summer camp can be a little nerve-racking. To get your camping newbie geared up, tell him you can’t wait to hear about all the new friends he will make or the new activities he will get to experience. Pack an encouraging note deep in his luggage, so he knows you’re thinking of him. 

A Good Challenge 

It’s easy for children, especially younger ones, to get stuck in a rut. The same foods. The same entertainment choices. The same old routine. But deep down, your child is yearning to be challenged. Our boys’ overnight camp is the perfect place to get them out of their comfort zone. 

A Sense of Adventure

Boys need action and adventure to develop a healthy mindset. Camp Mowglis’ unique summer camp program provides new and exciting experiences not offered at home. Our wide assortment of fun camping activities include classic options like hiking, fishing, and swimming, exciting activities like archery and axemanship, and creative classes on cooking, woodworking, arts and crafts, and more. This wide array of choices allows your son the opportunity to discover and cultivate new interests and skills. 

A Longing for Independence

The Mowglis program gives your child the ability to make his own decisions without a parent or teacher looking over his shoulder. This freedom to manage himself will help him conquer fears and develop a sense of self-confidence as he endures setbacks and enjoy successes in a safe environment.

A Need to Unplug 

Our unplugged, authentic environment gives children the opportunity to reconnect with the real world. Here they will open up to a whole new world of real activities and real people, having positive experiences with their peers and young adult role models they’ll remember for years to come. 

A Hunger for Friendship

Friendships help kids feel secure and accepted. The camping environment is unique in its ability to foster these new relationships. Here, children are drawn together into a tight-knit community, experiencing new activities and living together with their peers. These shared experiences foster new, lasting relationships, giving children the security of a new circle of friends outside of school. Many of the friendships forged at Mowglis are lifelong relationships, offering your boy a true support network through adulthood.

A Desire to Connect with Nature 

Located in the woods of N.H. near Maine and Vermont, just 3 hours from Boston, and 5-6 hours from New York and Pennsylvania, Camp Mowglis is the perfect setting to connect with nature. It is the ideal antidote to “nature deficit disorder,” giving your son a new understanding of the natural world and his role in it. 

A Love of Tradition

Children yearning to form new traditions find themselves right at home at Mowglis, taking part in fun and exciting new activities, singing songs by the campfire, and spending nights sleeping under the stars. They will leave with magical childhood memories of friendship and adventure, anxiously awaiting the next year at camp to continue their story.

A Support System

We’ve designed the Mowglis program to ensure your child has the support system he needs while away from home, bunking in a group with boys his age and accompanied by caring camp counselors, including one counselor for every three campers. Attendance is limited to around 100 boys per session to ensure an immersive, engaging camping experience and one-on-one attention from the camping staff.


Mowglis’ popular summer camp program fills up fast. Don’t let your child miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Plan for a better 2021 now, helping your child get out and have a great summer camp experience, immersing himself in all the things he missed during the pandemic. Contact Camp Mowglis at 603-744-8095 to reserve your spot for the summer of 2021 today.