Camp Mowglis has recently received lots of positive press, and we’re thrilled to share it with the community. August 25th, Mowglis was mentioned in a CNN news report on the great American summer camping tradition. We were proud to find our boys overnight summer camp program listed among other historic American camps. Why did CNN find Mowglis a worthy inclusion? Our campers and alumni know there are many reasons our camp makes a lasting impression.

Mowglis Overnight Camp Emanates a Rustic, Traditional Vibe

Our historic grounds span 65 acres on the shores of beautiful Newfound Lake in New Hampshire. A recent addition to the National Register of Historic Places, our scenic grounds and rustic buildings, inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book,” are nationally recognized for their colorful past. Like other camps featured in CNN’s story, though our facilities have undergone some updates over the years, such as more comfortable bunks and electricity, our picturesque grounds and time-tested program haven’t changed much since we began welcoming boys in 1903.

Mowglis Fosters Lifelong Relationships

For many, the relationships forged at our camp are the longest of their lives. Our unique program has established the foundation for many lifelong friendships over the years. This story is true for husband and wife Kyle and Blueberry Beeton, age 42, as highlighted in the CNN piece. Kyle, who attended Mowglis from the ages of 8-18, enjoyed the Camp Mowglis experience first-hand. After college, he returned with his girlfriend (now wife). Serving as counselors, the couple watched young boys overcome obstacles as they participated in Mowglis camping activities, growing together in confidence as they realized all they had the potential to accomplish.

Mowglis Boys Overnight Camp Cures Modern Ailments

Our remote, unplugged setting offers city kids the chance to spend summer surrounded by nature. This environment is the perfect cure for ailments of modern technology like inactivity, overstimulation, and frequent distractions.

This year, unfortunately, children are missing out on this opportunity due to COVID-19. Despite this, camps have a history of thriving during health pandemics such as Spanish influenza, sought for their off-the-beaten-path locales, as an alternative to densely populated cities. Camp attendance has swelled since this time, growing from about 1,000 campers across the US in 1918 to 12,000 campers today. Like other summer camps across the nation, we look forward to brighter days ahead in the 2021 season.

Learn why our campers and alumni refer to their experiences at Mowglis overnight camp for boys as the most important time of their lives. Read our extensive testimonials, watch “A Day in the Life” video, or contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more about Camp Mowglis today.