Camp Mowglis looks like what you would expect from a traditional summer camp. Nestled in the foothills of the mountains beside Newfound Lake, we offer boys an unplugged outdoor experience they may not find close to home. Despite its rustic facade, however, Camp Mowglis is different from other traditional overnight camps. While our camp is a ton of fun, as attested by our lifelong alumni, we are not a resort for kids. The Camp Mowglis experience is, at its core, a youth development program. Our goal is to partner with our families to grow children into successful, well-rounded young men who will be future leaders in their community.

Mowglis Provides a Wholesome Learning Experience

Mowglis offers personal growth opportunities not seen in other programs. Our community challenges boys physically, mentally, and emotionally, encouraging them to develop into intelligent, respectful, confident, well-rounded individuals. And they do this all while having tons of fun. Activities including crew, hiking, and camping are integral to the Mowglis experience. Our outdoor educational opportunities, or “industries,” include 21 competence and confidence-boosting activities.

As campers participate in new activities, they experience the satisfaction of realizing their goals, progressing through each level of ability to skills mastery. In our supportive environment, where we honor achievements through awards recognitions, boys are motivated to stretch their wings and try new things.

Our Unique Summer Camping Program Inspires Growth

We have designed our summer camping program to give boys the time and space to connect with nature and each other. In Mowglis’ unique environment, they learn what it means to be a part of a broader community. How does our program accomplish this?

  • The Mowglis community forges lasting bonds
    We have devised our seven-week camping sessions to give children the time to form good habits and cultivate lifelong friendships. Campers develop patience and tolerance as they live and grow with a diverse group of boys. We limit enrollment to just 110 campers, fostering a tight-knit, supportive community. In their time at the camp, children enjoy a role as valuable members of the Mowglis family.
  • Mowglis is technology free
    We allow absolutely no technology on our grounds, helping your child to grow, distanced from the distractions of today’s increasingly electronic world.
  • We support tradition
    Our program has remained the same for over 100 years. Our campers uphold the Mowglis tradition, stepping up to fill positions as counselors and staff members after graduation. They reflect our core values, passing on the spirit of Mowglis by contributing to the betterment of society through their leadership of young campers.

There’s no better way to learn about the Camp Mowglis difference than sending your son to enjoy a camp experience. Witness the transformation in your child after a summer in our program. Contact Camp Mowglis at 603-744-8095 to learn more about our upcoming camping sessions today.