What kind of camp is Mowglis? Mowglis is a traditional camp where boys learn a variety of different outdoor activities. Although we play sports for fun, we are not a sports camp. We offer a broad spectrum of activities (Industries) to allow the boys to find something at which they excel and thus can gain confidence from that experience. Taking the Plunge brochure shot

Where does the name “Mowglis” come from?  In 1903, Mrs. Elizabeth Ford Holt founded Mowglis. She was very much impressed by the lessons taught and the characters created in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Mowgli is the man-cub of the stories, and what an appropriate name for a boys’ camp dedicated to developing the lessons she admired. She requested Rudyard Kipling’s permission to use his characters as names for buildings and parts of the traditions that she began at Mowglis. Kipling also instructed her on how to properly pronounce the character’s names.

How old do I have to be to be able to go to Mowglis? Cubs range in age from 7-10 years old, boys in the Pack range in age from 10-15 years old, and Yearlings are high school age boys.

How diverse is the Mowglis population? The Mowglis population is diverse when viewed from a number of perspectives. In a single season, often as many as 10 countries and 20 states are represented by our small population, which includes boys from the world’s largest cities and smallest towns. Although campers come from a variety of religious backgrounds, all participate in a weekly non-denominational chapel service. Thanks to our generous tuition assistance program, we are able to ensure a good mix of boys from different socio-economic levels. Additionally, we recruit boys and staff from around the world.

What is it like to live at camp? The boys will live with other campers their age in an open air dorm. The food is terrific with menus that are made to be kid-friendly but healthy: for example, burgers, mac and cheese, pizza, and tacos. They’ll have the chance to swim every day.  We have a campfire circle every night  Click here to learn more about what a typical day is like.

Do I get to choose what I want to do? Yes!  We offer 16 different activities, and what they do is their own choice.  Click here to see what activities we offer.

Will I go on trips? Yes! Everyone goes on different types of trips depending on their age and ability. We go hiking, camping, backpacking, canoeing and kayaking. It doesn’t matter if they have never done these things before, and we will never ask them to do more than they can handle.

What are meals like? Campers and staff dine family style for all meals. Meals are prepared by our experienced chef and are kid-friendly, nutritious and well balanced. Some of our produce is from local farms, and we serve natural grass-fed beef.  Fruit is available around the clock. Campers participate as servers and dining room helpers.

What about uniforms? The Mowglis uniform includes shorts, tee shirts, polo shirts and a fleece jacket. We give each boy his uniform on arrival day. There is nothing better than not having to think about what you’re going to wear on a given day, and knowing that whatever your son wears, will be just as “cool” as what the other boys are wearing. The uniforms take “clothing stress” out of your son’s vocabulary.

Can I bring TV’s, computers, radios, cell phones, CD players and video games? We do not allow electronics at Mowglis because we believe they distract the boys from our outdoor-oriented program. Taking a break from technology is a real learning experience! Don’t worry … after the first few days, no one misses them, and they will be waiting when they get home!

What about magazines, candy, and other food? Mowglis takes pains to keep inappropriate literature and junk food out of the hands of our boys. Those arriving with these materials will be asked to turn them in at the office; the same goes for those who receive it by mail. If you must send food during the season, please provide enough to share with everyone in your son’s dormitory.

What if I get homesick? It is normal for new boys to miss their family and friends; however, they will be so busy they won’t have much time to think about home. If they do get homesick, we have staff trained to help. Boys can receive mail daily and there are several visiting weekends for parents.

Where is Mowglis? Mowglis is located in Hebron, N.H., on the shores of  Newfound Lake. Newfound is one of the cleanest lakes in the United States. It is spring fed and it refreshes itself two times annually.

Who owns Mowglis? Mowglis is owned by the nonprofit Holt-Elwell Memorial Foundation, whose trustees hire the director and oversee camp operations. Mowglis receives hundreds of generous contributions each year from alumni, current and former parents, and friends to help pay for camp operations.

What are the facilities like at Mowglis? Please click here for information about the Mowglis Campus.

Do you offer sessions shorter than seven weeks? At a time when other camps offer sessions that are a week or two long, Mowglis continues to offer a full seven-week program (shorter session options of two and three weeks  are offered through our Cub program for boys ages 7-9). Experience has shown that the greatest benefits of camp result when boys form deeper friendships, engage more deeply in their favorite activities, and become an integral part of the camp community. This takes time, and after seeing the growth in their sons at the end of the summer, our parents see the benefits of a longer program.  However, if your son has never been to Mowglis and you would like to explore the option of a shorter session, please contact the Director.

How are the staff trained and certified? The staff at Mowglis receive training for one and a half weeks prior to the arrival of the boys in CPR, First-Aid, and in general education of youth. Key waterfront personnel are Water-Safety Instructor (WSI) and Lifeguard-certified through the American Red Cross. Key trip personnel are certified in Wilderness First Aid. Staff are chosen for their proficiency in an area of instruction and for the leadership and example they provide. Many of the staff are Mowglis alumni.

What are the health and safety arrangements? The health and safety of campers is our number-one priority. A registered nurse lives at the infirmary all summer. We are 15 minutes from Speare Memorial Hospital in Plymouth. All of our counselors are American Red Cross certified in CPR and First Aid.  We have multiple staff members working on the waterfront who are WSI (Water Safety Instructor) certified, and also have several staff members who are certified Wilderness First Responders.  We conduct background checks on our staff before they are hired, and no camper is driven in a vehicle by someone younger than 25 years old. Boys must pass swimming and boating tests before they are allowed to fully participate in those activities, and life jackets are always required. Boys who wish to carry small Swiss Army Knives must first pass a knife safety test.

How can we contact our son during the season? The best way to communicate with boys during the summer is by mail. Nothing is more exciting at camp than getting a personal letter. Phone calls are reserved for emergencies and special occasions such as birthdays. Parents can send email to: camper@mowglis.org, however, please note that your child will not respond by email. Boys are required to write one letter home a week, so parents are guaranteed regular communication. Family and friends are also invited to visit Mowglis on two weekends (3rd & 6th week). On visiting weekends, families can join us for events on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening, and take their boys out of camp for the day on Sunday.      


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