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The Mowglis Value


Newfound Lake  

Established in 1903.

At Mowglis, Campers Cultivate Essential  Skills:

Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork,

Perseverance, and Leadership)

At Mowglis, boys have fun while working hard towards developing expertise and achieving goals within their chosen activities.  

At Camp Mowglis, Boys Learn:

Sailing in the 420

As they have Since 1903.

)Big Sugarloaf and Bear Mountain

Adventures and lessons he will value forever.


Camp Mowglis Calendar


A true summer camp experience…

Developing the Skills and Experience

For Success in Life.(




Crew Weekend  August 2-3

Note:  Parking at Crew Weekend is in the Upper Ball Field.


Friday, August 1:

5:30 – Trustees’ reception and cookout for alumni at Baloo Cove

7:30 – Guests and Alumni Arrive

7:45 – Pep-Rally

- Lighting of the Bonfire

- Racing Crews receive Crew Shirts

8:45 – Parents and Guests Depart


Saturday, August 2:

1:30 – Visitors are welcome starting at 1:30 on Saturday afternoons. (While boys are at Relax) for a reception at Graybrothers with remarks by Nick & staff introductions

2:35 – First Call for Assembly to make parade preparations

2:50 – Parade to the Waterfront

3:00 – Crew Day Races

5:00 – Colors and oar raising

- Campers to Soak

- Parents to reception in Baloo Cove (no campers)

- Cookout on the Lower Ball Field

7:45 – 9:00 – Evening Program


Sunday, August 3:

9:30 Parents can arrive to pick up their boy(s) and friends.

10:00 – Sign boys out at Headquarters, back at 3:30

1:30-3:30 – Open waterfront – parents can swim, boat with campers

4:00 – Chapel; Parents welcome to attend


Final Weekend  August 8-10

Friday Night, August 8:

7:45   Colors followed by campfire and Inner Circle ceremony

9:00   Parents depart
Saturday, August 9:

2:30 Parents arrive at camp

2:30-5:00 Tennis and Archery tournaments and boating at the waterfront

5:15 Parents depart for dinner (without campers)

7:30 Parents arrive back at camp for evening

7:45 Colors

8:00 Candlelight Chapel ceremony

8:30 Candle boats at the waterfront

9:15 Parents depart.
Sunday, August 10 – Last Day at Camp:    

9:30  Assembly at Gray Brothers Hall for Ribbon Ceremony and Riflery Awards

10:00  Mrs. Holt’s Day celebration and graduation

11:30  Campers depart


Our Crew/Rowing Program

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Parent Testimonials

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