Highlights from Our 2021 Season – Baloo, Boys Aged 11

Pack program members in Baloo dormitory returned in high spirits to Mowglis summer camp for boys, ready to get back into the swing of things on Newfound Lake. What were some of their favorite memories from the 2021 camping season?

Enjoying Nature and Boys Overnight Camp Program Activities

The Baloo boys were thrilled to engage with fellow campers, enjoying the fresh air on our beautiful campground after a long period of COVID isolation.

“The first day at camp was a day of great excitement. I got out of the car, said bye to my mom, and stared in awe at the Mowglis campus. There were fun camp activities like axemanship, riflery, archery, canoeing, sailing, arts and crafts, woodworking, gaga ball, tetherball, campfires, cannons, and more. The camp got the Mowglis’ name from The Jungle Book back in 1903. Last night at the campfire, we read a chapter of that very book.”

–Red, West Newton, MA

Fireworks and Adventures on the Water at Sleepaway Camp

The Baloo boys filled Mowglis with joy and laughter despite the abnormally rainy season. The 4th of July dawned bright and early with the national anthem. Weather held up, with the day ending with waterfront fireworks on Newfound Lake.

Baloo set off for their first overnight on Belle Island on one particularly memorable Trip Day Thursday. On the way, a counselor’s canoe overturned. Fortunately, everything did not go down with the ship.

“On the way to Belle Island, Mr. Ham’s and Rohan’s canoes capsized. Both Mr. Ham and Rohan lost their glasses, but we got s’mores, so all is okay.”

-Zorian, Coral Gables, FL 

Crew Day Victory (and Defeat) at Mowglis Summer Camp for Boys

Baloo looked forward to crew day, working hard to perfect their rowing technique in the weeks leading to it.

“When the races finally came, third form was first. Blue launched first, and when the race started blue was in the lead, and third form brought home a blue victory day (BVD). Then it was time for me in blue second form. When that race started, we were so far ahead we could see the boat while rowing. BVD. Then first, BVD. Everybody was hoping for a clean sweep, but at the end of the race, red won. Red victory day (RVD).”

–George, Somerville, MA

Looking Forward to Summer Camp 2022

Though our camping season was short, it changed the boys in lasting ways. Baloo built friendships, made lasting memories, learned life lessons, and began building their future, looking forward to the coming 2022 summer camp season and beyond.

“This is my final Howl of the summer. As I reflect on what I have done, I notice a few things. All the things I did were more fun because of my friends. Also, I accomplished a lot and have actual goals for my next years. This summer has flown by. GOOD HUNTING ALL!”

–Raaghav, New York, NY

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