Though playing sports is fun, an endless loop of soccer or tennis drills does not offer your child the same growth opportunities as more varied activities. A far cry from the average sports camp, Mowglis traditional outdoor camp provides a wider variety of experiences. Although we play sports like soccer and basketball for fun, we are not a sports camp. Our camping activities go beyond physical, sports-specific skills, encouraging your child to grow intellectually and emotionally.

Mowglis Authentic Camp Experience Helps Your Child Thrive

The positive experiences your child has while away from home at Mowglis will help him develop skills that will serve him in college and adulthood. In our unplugged and authentic outdoor environment, your son will learn to strengthen his problem-solving skills, growing in confidence as he discovers how to make decisions for himself. Away from the distractions and repetition of daily life, he will learn to navigate changing situations and new people, developing the ability to adapt and cooperate.

As your son progresses in Mowglis camp activities, uncovering hidden talents and striving to reach new levels, he will learn sportsmanship and tenacity. Exploring a wide range of activities, he will get to know himself and his peers, sharing excitement over new interests and achievements. It is these shared experiences that fuel the development of meaningful, lifelong friendships.

Fun and Interesting Activities to Keep Your Son Engaged and Learning

Located in New England, in central New Hampshire near Maine and Vermont, just 3 hours from Boston and 5-6 hours from New York and Pennsylvania, Mowglis offers an immersive camping experience. In our “school of the open,” your son will grow in body, mind, and spirit while enjoying a variety of traditional camping activities, like:

  • Fishing
    With our instruction, your camper will learn to become a skilled angler at Newfound Lake, one of the ten cleanest lakes in the world. As he progresses from fishing basics to be an experienced angler, he will grow in confidence, feeling a sense of accomplishment in his achievements along the way.
  • Archery
    We offer instructional opportunities from novice to expert level archery. As with our fishing program, this progression rewards your child with confidence as he develops each new skill.
  • Hiking
    Hiking is an essential part of the Mowglis experience. We’ve designed our hiking program to get your child out of his comfort zone, stretching his abilities to help him grow. Weekly outings progress from easy day hikes to multi-day hiking and camping trips as your son’s hiking ability improves.
  • Swimming
    On the beautiful Mowglis waterfront, your child will become a safe, strong swimmer using to the American Red Cross progression. As he advances, your son will see how each of his peers has their own strengths, weaknesses, and fears. In this environment, children learn to own their individuality and support one another.
  • Boating
    From row boating and canoeing to kayaking, as your son learns the skills to safely navigate flat water and rapids, he will develop a broader range of motor skills. Advancements such as these, from Mowglis varied activities, enhance sports performance far better than sport-specific specialization.
  • Team sports and activities
    Our team sports and activities, including crew, ropes, and rock climbing, help children learn teamwork and problem-solving skills while having fun.

Is your child tired of the same summer sports camp routine? Mowglis is not your average sports camp for boys. Contact us to learn more about how the Mowglis experience can benefit your child, or watch “A Day in the Life” video on our YouTube channel today.