Camp Mowglis Yearling friendsBoys face unique challenges as they are growing into young men. Gender stereotypes, societal expectations, and more can take a toll, chipping away at their self-esteem. Building boys’ confidence is essential in helping them stay positive in an increasingly critical world so that they can develop into optimistic, secure, compassionate, strong young men. How can Mowglis boys’ summer camp build your son’s confidence?

Challenge Boys to Develop New Skills

“Look what we did!”

Throwing boys, as a group, into challenging tasks where they learn new skills, such as hiking, camping, swimming, and rock climbing, inspires their leadership potential. As they work together as a team, encouraging and supporting one another, they’ll return from each experience with a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Focus on What Children are Doing Right

“I earned my first ribbon!”

Praise and support as boys progress are essential positive motivators. To honor achievements, Mowglis boys summer camp awards ribbons, which are similar to badges in scouts. Rather than focusing on criticism, which can injure children’s self-esteem, we recognize their achievements, inspiring them to reach new levels.

Curb Competitive Tendencies

“My friend’s best skill is archery, mine’s swimming.”

Boys are always comparing themselves to the height, weight, intelligence, and athletic prowess of others. This can create some intense internal struggles. Putting the focus instead on the unique qualities of each person – how each of us has different abilities and accomplishes various things at different rates – is essential for vulnerable boys. As our campers learn and grow together as a team, they witness this first-hand, supporting one another through every new experience.

Encourage Empathy

“I felt scared to stay away from home, but my counselors and friends helped me through.”

Boys often feed into the stereotype that any display of emotion negatively reflects on their masculinity or makes them appear weak. On the contrary, experiencing and communicating thoughts and feelings is essential to growing into a strong, self-assured young man and the ability to form deep, meaningful relationships. That’s why our counselors and den mothers encourage an open dialogue, giving children the support they need to know that their feelings are valid and recognized, and their Mowglis camping family is there to help them get through.

Camp Mowglis boys’ summer camp program offers children the ideal space to learn and grow together in a safe, supportive environment. Learn what building boys’ confidence at our summer camp can achieve from the parents of campers or contact us at 603-744-8095 to reserve a spot for your child today.