Has your son become bored with the daily grind? Bring some joy back into his life after the long stretch of COVID ups and downs at Mowglis summer camp for boys. Great summer fun at summer camp is just what he needs to regain his sense of connection with the world. 

Unplugged and in the Moment at Overnight Camp

Screen time? No thanks. After such a long stretch of lockdowns and virtual school, unplugging at Camp Mowglis and enjoying time with other children outdoors is just what the doctor ordered. Here, on the grounds of our boys’ overnight camp, nestled in the foothills on the shore of Newfound Lake, your son can revel in the sights and sounds of nature. Lapping water against the lakeshore. The melody of birds singing. The nighttime song of crickets and frogs. Sharing the wonder of these experiences with other young men is just the realignment children need to refresh, reconnect, and gain a new perspective on life.

Summer Camp Fun in the Sun

Goodbye cramped house, hello wide open spaces. Nothing beats stretching your wings at Mowglis overnight summer camp for boys. Learning how to laugh at yourself while building your archery or axemanship skills. Rowing races and refreshing afternoon swims in the lake. Building new relationships while having tons of fun and rising to the challenges of learning exciting new activities. Our traditional summer camp program offers the ideal place for your child to gain a sense of independence while in a safe environment. 

Connecting and Forging Friendships

Sayonara seclusion. After spending so much time in isolation, Mowglis overnight summer camp offers your son a welcome opportunity to connect with other children. Learning interesting new skills from older boys. The empowerment of mastering a task and teaching younger boys. Sharing the day’s accomplishments before sleeping under the moonlight with others their age in our open-air, screened tents after a fun-filled day. Learning to master new tasks and surmount life’s daily challenges builds the foundation for strong friendships that last year after year. 

Summer Camp Camaraderie by the Campfire

Forget social networks and texts. Mowglis evenings by the campfire are a true networking experience. Singing songs, sharing scary stories and sticky s’mores by the campfire – face to face, the way people are meant to interact. Relationships and memories are among the most beautiful things we build here at our camp. 

Give your son the gift of great summer fun at summer camp. Contact Camp Mowglis at 603-744-8095 to learn more or to reserve your spot for Camp Mowglis Summer 2022 camping session today. Hurry – spaces are filling fast.