Highlights from Our 2021 Season – Akela, Boys Age 12

Akela had great fun at overnight summer camp this season, meeting new people and forming friendships while participating in camp activities – a welcome respite from COVID quarantines. What are some of the boys’ favorite highlights from 2021?

Tales from the Campfire at Mowglis Boys Summer Camp

Akela flexed their skills, learning new industries and working toward ribbons. Everyone looked forward to the trips, eagerly anticipating both day and overnight hikes. Mr. Gulitti told his scary hermit story, which had the boys on the lookout – and perhaps put their imaginations into overdrive.

“Akela is 4000% haunted. Two nights ago, at around 1 am, we heard someone struggle up the stairs, fight to open the door, and then shuffle through the dorm. This event is almost identical to what happened in the hermit story Mr. Gulitti told us the previous night. It was probably a prank, but I’m not sure.”

–Isaac, New York, NY

Crew Week at Mowglis Overnight Summer Camp for Boys

As with all age groups, Crew Week was the highlight of the camping season.

“Hands down, the best week of camp has been Crew Week. Crew Week was so much fun, I made first form, but sadly we lost. Akela 2021 has been a special one.”

–Richard, Rumson, NJ 

Appreciation for Good Times at Summer Camp, Anticipating 2022

As our 2021 overnight camp program drew to a close, Akela grew introspective, looking back on all their adventures and forward to their goals for the next season. 

“The summer was very fun, but it is time to say goodbye. We did a lot of things, we learned a lot of things, and most importantly we made a lot of friends. Like the song says, “And foremost in memory Akela will stand.” And that’s it for all Mowglis. I had a lot of fun. Thank you, Mowglis!”

-Cristobal, Guadalajara, Mexico

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