Does your son suffer from low self-esteem? Today’s young men face unique challenges, confronting gender stereotypes that can leave them feeling inadequate and afraid to express their feelings. Your son needs a nurturing environment – a community that can build him up and help him develop a strong foundation. Mowglis summer camp for boys is the ideal setting to build a young man’s confidence. Here your son will find a safe environment where he can shed his insecurities, developing personal strength and independence while having tons of fun.

Activities that Inspire Confidence

Located in the woods of New Hampshire near Maine and Vermont, just 3 hours from Boston, and 5-6 hours from New York and Pennsylvania, Camp Mowglis is set among a backdrop of beautiful forests, lakes, and mountains. This natural setting provides the ideal atmosphere to help your son be more present and reconnect with himself, finding his personal strength while taking part in camping activities. With each achievement, Mowglis campers feel happier and more confident, developing new skills while naturally building their self-esteem.

An Environment that Emphasizes Each Child’s Unique Capabilities

Young men often compare themselves to others. TV and media exposure intensify these competitive tendencies, reinforcing negative male stereotypes. Fortunately, our unplugged environment helps your child distance himself from these pretenses, finding more varied role models around him. He witnesses others with diverse interests and talents – boys good at art, swimming, archery, cooking, fishing – each with distinct yet with valuable skills and knowledge to contribute.

Immersing himself in experiences with our small camping groups, your son will soon see how people of all ages and abilities can contribute, as each child learns from older boys on the path to becoming a future leader. Growing and learning at his own rate, your son will come to identify himself and others as different, not better. Developing strong core values, here he will forge friendships while learning lessons that will last a lifetime.

Build your son’s self-confidence at Camp Mowglis. Sign up now to secure your spot or contact us to learn more about available tuition assistance today.