Each year at Mowglis boys’ summer camp is special and unique, and this past summer was no exception. The feeling of (not-quite) returning to normal echoed through the summer camp season, and resilience was a driving theme. What will you remember most about this year’s overnight camp experience? Here are some of our favorite summer 2022 memories.


A Sniffly Start to Boys Summer Camp

After a (cannon) booming start, our 12-year-old Akela boys returned from their Cliff Island adventure the second week of camp with an unwanted tagalong, bringing COVID back to camp. Our campers and staff stood up to the challenge, creating a tent city on the lower ball field for quarantine – even Director Nick found himself behind the yellow ropes as a “quaranteener.” Most made it out by the annual July 4th fireworks display – possibly our best yet. COVID cases dwindled by week three, taking with it masks and restoring a sense of normalcy.


A Momentous Return to Normalcy During Summer Camp Crew Week

By week four, COVID was in the rearview, with Crew Week on the horizon. All appreciated a blessed return to normalcy, enjoying the feeling of “regular Mowglis days” of old. Week five shone with early morning rows and eager anticipation for upcoming adventures. Then Crew Week arrived, and our boys’ summer camp group divided in two: Red Team and Blue. Practicing three forms and racing kept the boys busy and boats full until the annual pep rally and bonfire. At long last, for the first time in three summers, guests joined in Crew Week excitement – over 400 visitors took part in the festivities, rivaling the centennial for the largest audience in years.

Both the second and third form competitions went to Red Team – but Blue Team broke their streak, winning first form. Our youngest members, the Cubs, earned a victory for Blue, evening the day’s score. Then the racing crews took off, with Red in the lead. Cheers erupted and drums and horns blasted from shore as the boys pulled with all their might. Red and Blue boats neared the finish line neck and neck. Just a few boat lengths from the finish line, Blue pulled ahead, putting a Blue victory day in the record books. After the winning oar was raised, the colors receded, and entertainment commenced, a terrific evening had by all.


A Happy End to Our Overnight Camp Program

Those precious and highly anticipated “regular Mowglis days” quickly gave way to summer’s end. Watermelon was shared atop Mt. Cardigan by pack members. Graduate’s Dinner saw the dining hall transformed, and we shared heartfelt toasts as we bid a fond, misty-eyed farewell to our summer 2022 graduates. Boys earned industry ribbons and completed graduation requirements. Tournament winners were crowned, and Inner Circle members inducted. Blistered hands, beaming faces, and joyful hearts bounced around camp as packed bags filled dormitory porches. On the final Saturday before our last dinner together, what began with the dark cloud of quarantine ended with happy boys, a tired staff, (one stolen swimmer’s raft), and the promise of the upcoming boys’ summer camp season.


1Summer 2022 memories are just the start for many of our campers. Take your first step toward amazing boys’ summer camp adventures. Contact Camp Mowglis at 603-744-8095 to learn more or apply for our upcoming camping season today.