A summer at Mowglis overnight camp shapes good boys into good men, creating memories (and friends) to last a lifetime. What are YOUR summer camp memories? Mowglis alumni share their most unforgettable experiences.

Getting in Touch with Nature

The quiet – and sounds – of nature that are nothing like those of the city: The ringing of crickets and frogs. The melody of birds singing. The wind in the trees. The slapping of water against the lakeshore. Hiking trips.

Strolling along the lake at Camp MowglisSwimming Every Day

Swimming in the lake. The feel of a cool plunge in the water on a hot summer day. Playing Marco Polo, and planned and unplanned experiences like knocking over the canoe at camp.

Pretending to be Green Arrow or Robin Hood

Learning new archery skills with the bow and arrow. Laughing at yourself when your aim is far from true but pretending to be Robin Hood or the Green Arrow anyway – then arguing about who is cooler.

Camp Mowglis friendsMaking New Friends

Forging relationships with friends while rising to the challenges of daily tasks. Relaxing and enjoying s’mores or a quiet evening unwinding after a fun, adventure-filled day.


Realizing you were responsible for yourself and cleaning (gasp), including getting dressed and making your bed, getting to your camping activities on time, and daily dorm cleanup. And the feeling of accomplishment and pride you felt after pulling it all off!

Sitting by the Campfire

The flickering flames and smell of the campfire. Nights roasting marshmallows and building s’mores. Sticky fingers and laughter. The magic of fireside storytelling.

The Weeks with No Technology

And the shock of realizing you didn’t miss it amid the exciting activities you never dreamed you’d get the chance to try with your friends, like learning to use a bow and arrow, axemanship, and fencing. En-garde!!

Camp Mowglis Cub boatersBoat Racing… And Sore Muscles

Racing your friends and rowing your heart out. Later discovering (sore) muscles you didn’t know you had.

Realizing You Know What You’re Doing – And Teaching Someone Else Who Doesn’t

The feeling of empowerment, mastering a task you never thought you would. And realizing you know how to do it well enough to help a friend – who you watch get better with your help.

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