Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to spend the summer that will boost your income and employment skills? Becoming a counselor at Mowglis boys’ summer camp may be the perfect job for you. Why is it great to be a summer camp counselor at Mowglis overnight camp for boys?

1. Camp Counselors Positively Influence Future Generations

Seeing some of our local treesBecoming a leader at an overnight camp program is the perfect fit for anyone who loves bringing a smile to someone else’s face. When you know the fun and exciting activities you’re leading are building confidence and shaping the future of young boys, it makes each moment in the journey priceless.

2. Summer Camp Counselors Get a Great Resume Boost

In addition to the housing and competitive pay offered to summer camp counselors, you can take advantage of free training, learning new skills you can later use to accelerate your professional career. Many businesses seek out former camp counselors for their team mindset, excellent leadership and communication skills, and creative thinking abilities.

3. You Play a Starring Role in New Camping Adventures

Mowglis summer camp for boys welcomes students from across the US and the world, offering scholarships to those less fortunate. Some boys may have never spent time away from home or seen the mountains or woods. Others may be unfamiliar with traditional camping foods like pizza and s’mores. In the short amount of time you spend with campers, you’ll play an integral role in the wonder of these new experiences and the lasting memories they create.

4. You’ll Get to Experience Something New Yourself

During your months at camp, you’ll be able to try new activities like axemanship, paddle boarding, and rock climbing. You’ll also get to meet new people and explore unique places on and off-site. Many of these experiences will happen on the job, but you’ll often forget you’re working through the fun. At summer’s end, our counselors find they’ve learned and grown alongside their boys, learning things about themselves that help them find their place in the world.

5. Overnight Summer Camp is a Great Place to Make New Friends

Like the children, you’ll find counselors from many different backgrounds at Mowglis overnight summer camp. Working together, you will learn from each other and embrace your differences, forming tight bonds over your short time together. In fact, many of our counselors form lifelong friendships.

6. You Get to Enjoy the Benefits of Our Boys Overnight Camp Facilities

Mowglis boys’ overnight camp facilities on Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, near the scenic White Mountains, are perfect for outdoor lovers. We know our camp counselors are really just big campers at heart. Here, you get to use your office as a playground, having fun during working and recreational hours and enjoying the grounds.

7. Mowglis Overnight Summer Camp is the Perfect Place to Unplug and Escape

At Mowglis, you get to connect with real people and the world around you without the endless distractions of technology and frequent mobile device notifications. Often, you’ll be so wrapped up in the camping magic that what’s going on beyond the camping bubble will be far from your mind. It’s the perfect place to cleanse from COVID-related technology overload.

Are You Interested in Becoming a Mowglis Camp Counselor?

Working at our boys’ overnight summer camp may be the best job you’ll ever have. We’re currently looking for young men and women for our 118th summer season. We offer competitive pay, unique benefits, and tons of fun and meaningful experiences. Contact Camp Mowglis’ director Nick Robbins or visit our employment page to learn more and apply today.