After a year of navigating the hurdles of a global pandemic, thoughts of sending your son to an overnight camp might be far from your mind. However, this long period of isolation is exactly why getting your child out of the house and into nature is essential this summer. From the need for wholesome outdoor activities to combatting COVID cabin fever, there are many reasons why you should select a sleepaway camp for boys over the upcoming summer vacation.

Overnight Camp Provides a Safe Outdoor Escape

Our picturesque campgrounds provide the perfect setting for your son to unplug and escape life’s daily stresses. Without the distraction of mobile devices, surrounded by acres of trees, grass, and water, Camp Mowglis grounds offer children the ideal opportunity to be present with their friends, enjoying nature.

Attending a Boys Overnight Camp Builds Self-Confidence

Though your child’s first time away on his own may be a little intimidating, this time away helps build self-confidence that will serve him in his college years and beyond. Your son will gain a sense of independence, keeping up with his daily schedule, setting goals and problem-solving, mastering life’s challenges on his own in a safe environment.

Sleep Away Camps Broaden Your Child’s Perspective

Each camper brings their own unique personality and values, exposing your son to new cultures. Living in a community of diverse children from across the country and globally, your child will learn how to get along with others who may be different from himself.

Our Boy’s Overnight Camp Fosters Deeper Connections

Our longer session lengths and unique program facilitate deeper connections. As children learn to trust and care for one another, lasting friendships are born.

Our Unique Summer Camp Program Helps Your Child Learn New Skills

Mowglis industries are just one reason we’re known as the best boy’s summer camp near Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Our extensive lineup of camping activities allows your child to explore new interests he may not otherwise encounter. With his peers, he can hone new skills, learning that it is ok to try – and sometimes fail – on his way to mastering them.

Mixed Age Group Learning Alters Expectations

Sharing the facilities with children across a wide age span benefits everyone, especially when learning new activities. The wide range of skill levels across the group allows your son to grow in confidence. Older and more experienced campers help younger, less experienced boys to the benefit of both groups.

Why select a sleepaway camp for boys? The benefits are nearly limitless. Don’t miss out. Interest is high in our boy’s summer camp for the 2021 season and places are quickly filling. Reserve your spot at Camp Mowglis today.