Are you unsure about sending your son away to an overnight camp for the first time? There are many excellent reasons to send your child to summer camp. Chances are you’ve considered many and Camp Mowglis offers a safe environment for your child to reap the benefits. What could your son gain from the summer camp experience?

Build Confidence in a Safe Environment

Our traditional summer camp atmosphere is the ideal setting for your boy to develop a sense of independence, secure in the knowledge he is in a safe environment. Though counselors are always nearby, at our overnight camp, we empower your child to take care of himself and take charge of his daily schedule. Your child will learn to get himself dressed and ready, make his bed, find his way to meals, and make activity decisions. These tasks will help him develop self-confidence as he learns to navigate a new environment away from his family.

Overcome Fears of Being Alone

Time away allows your son to grow in confidence. Without a parent, smartphone, or the internet to turn to, he can develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. As your child realizes he is capable of making his own decisions, he will develop a feeling of competence and autonomy.

Make New Friends with Similar Interests

Camp Mowglis draws a range of boys from diverse backgrounds, allowing your child to build strong, new relationships far from the distractions of social networks and gaming. Face-to-face, immersed in nature, children can explore exciting new activities that can turn into lifelong passions and friendships.

24/7 Access to Exciting, New Experiences that Inspire Growth

Many of Camp Mowglis activities are not offered to your children at their schools or your local facilities. At our camp, your child will enjoy exploring exciting new activities and uncovering hidden talents. These in-depth explorations, experienced side-by-side with fellow campers with similar interests, foster the growth of new skills and relationships.    

Develop Social Skills

In Camp Mowglis “unplugged” environment, away from the constant distraction of phones and screens, your child can learn how to maneuver in different social settings. Without parents nearby, he can decide how to navigate new relationships and changing situations, making friends, learning how to share and cooperate, and building essential interpersonal skills.

Learn Time Management

In addition to structured time at Camp Mowglis, our program offers opportunities for your child to spend time reading, playing games, or exploring during their free time. These free periods allow campers to prioritize how they want to spend their day without a parent or teacher dictating every aspect of their schedule.

Mowglis Trained Counselors Ensure a Fun, Safe Stay

Finding the right program is essential to overcoming your reservations about sending your child away to an overnight camp. Located in the woods of New Hampshire near Maine and Vermont, just 3 hours from Boston, and 5-6 hours from New York and Pennsylvania, Camp Mowglis offers an authentic summer camp experience, safely supervised by our nurturing counseling staff. We take our childcare responsibilities seriously. We staff our ACA-accredited camp with counselors trained in wilderness first-aid, water safety, CPR, and managing homesickness, as well as an on-site registered nurse.

Learn how we meet the needs of younger campers and how our program evolves with your growing child.

Why send your son to an overnight camp? Discover how the gift of a summer camp experience can yield amazing results. Sign up for Camp Mowglis’ traditional summer camp program today.