Choosing between a day camp and a sleepaway camp for your son can be challenging. Each offers a unique experience and distinct advantages, whether it’s a day camp focused on a particular art or sport or a traditional overnight summer camp experience out in nature. Many factors may influence your family’s best option. We’ll cover some common considerations so you can make the best choice.

Summer Camp – To Stay or Go Away?

Mowglis’ technology-free, traditional camp provides the perfect setting for kids to connect with nature and each other while learning essential life lessons. Our overnight summer camp for boys is ideal for helping children gain a sense of independence. It offers adventurous kids the chance to be on their own in a safe, supervised environment, and shy kids the opportunity to discover they can manage on their own, away from mom and dad.

Local day camps provide a familiar setting for younger children or those with severe anxiety who may struggle when in a new environment away from their parents for an extended period. Mowglis offers programs specially designed for kids in transition. Our Cub program features a shorter, three-week session. We specifically designed it for younger, inexperienced campers, with a flexible schedule, 3:1 counselor-to-camper ratio, and supportive “Cub Mother” who stays with the children throughout their stay.

Summer Camp Activities – Build Life Skills or a Single Skill?

Day camps often specialize in a single activity, like soccer, science, or music, allowing children to immerse themselves or enhance skills in a single arena. Boys overnight camp offers a wide variety of outdoor activities designed to foster physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Mowglis provides a multitude of options, from hiking, rowing, archery, axe throwing, and rock climbing to nature studies, art, woodworking, and cooking. We introduce campers to all these activities, allowing them to choose their favorites during free periods. Campers are also responsible for solo and community chores during their stay. Taking part in and mastering these new skills builds resilience and confidence.

Socialization at Boys’ Summer Camp – Is it Time to Expand Social Circles?

Attending day camp and staying home lets your son remain in touch with his usual circle of area friends over the summer. Sleepaway camp offers your child the opportunity to break away from expected roles, start fresh, and make new friends with kids of different backgrounds and cultures from across the US and worldwide. Most campers return to our New Hampshire camp season after season, growing together to lasting friendships despite the distance.

Travel to Available Summer Camp Programs – Daily or Seasonal Commute?

Scheduling can be a major deterrent for day camp attendance. You must be able to drop off and pick up your child daily, on time. If work schedules make this task tough, overnight camp may offer a better solution, requiring only a drop-off and pickup at the beginning and end of camp. Our New Hampshire campus is just hours from Boston, MA, NYC, Albany, NY, and Providence, RI, by car. For those traveling longer distances, we’re located near Manchester-Boston Regional and Logan International, offering regular shuttles over the summer season

Which Summer Camp is Best – Day or Overnight Summer Camp?

The best camp for your son may depend on your budget, schedule, and what you’d like your son to gain from the camp experience. Mowglis offers many programs to meet your needs close to home, as well as scholarships to make camping more affordable for those on a limited income. In addition to our shorter three-week Cub program, we also offer the Pack program for boys ages 10-15 and the Yearling program for future leaders ages 15-16, which include the full seven-week camp experience and regular daily schedule of activities.

Don’t Let Your Son Miss Out on the Summer Camp Fun

No matter which experience you decide on when choosing between a day camp and a sleepaway camp, don’t let your child miss out. It’s never too early to reserve your spot in nearby camping programs. Contact Camp Mowglis at 603-744-8095 to learn more or to reserve your spot for the upcoming boys’ overnight camp season today.