Are you looking for a program where your son can gain essential life skills that prepare him for adulthood? At Mowglis overnight summer camp, teaching skills and values for boys in New England is what we do best! Our boys’ summer camp program offers the perfect setting for children to develop confidence, independence, personal strength, and a sense of responsibility towards others and Mother Nature. In our school of the open, surrounded by forests, lakes, and mountains, your child will learn lessons that will last a lifetime – all while having tons of fun!

Our Unplugged Camp Environment Promotes Face-to-Face Socialization

Mowglis overnight summer camp program is an entirely technology-free experience. Our traditional sleepaway camp, just hours from Boston, MA, NYC, Albany, NY, and Providence, RI, on the shoreline of Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, offers the ultimate urban escape. Removing technology gives your son the opportunity to break bad habits and form a healthier new routine. Swapping screen time for green time and immersing himself in new camping activities, face-to-face with fellow campers, shows your child how to be part of a community. Working through problems together, boys learn how to communicate effectively, growing to trust and rely on each other as they navigate daily challenges.

Building Independence in a Safe Summer Camp Environment

For most campers, the time they spend at Mowglis is the first time that they’ve had to make their own decisions. Here, they are responsible for more than choosing daily activities. At our summer camp, boys get the opportunity to solve disagreements, manage daily chores, and tackle challenges as they arise under the watchful eye of our caring camp counselors and staff. The outcome of each decision rests on your son, bringing tremendous character and confidence-building opportunities as he learns essential life lessons that will serve him for a lifetime.

Real Life Summer Camp Experiences form the Foundation for Lasting Relationships

Our seven-week sleepaway camp program for boys ages 7 to 15 inspires boys to develop a deeper connection to nature and each other. It fosters lasting bonds, opening your child’s eyes to his role amongst his friends, your family, the community, and the world, giving him a sense of belonging to something larger than himself. Boys quickly recognize the importance of their relationships with the environment and fellow campers, learning patience, tolerance, cooperation, and respect as they live and grow together. This experience cannot be replicated in any other setting.

Boys Overnight Camp Activities that Inspire Growth and Character Development

We’ve designed our goal-oriented overnight camp program to challenge your child physically, mentally, and emotionally. As your son progresses in each skill, achieving his objectives and earning recognition and ribbons, he’ll grow in confidence and look forward to trying new things from our expansive camping activity list, including popular options like:

  • Swimming
  • Crew
  • Row boating
  • Sailing
  • Hiking
  • Nature studies
  • Rock climbing
  • Archery
  • Riflery
  • Woodworking
  • And much more!

Skills and Lessons that Last Beyond the End of Boys Summer Camp

At our boys’ overnight camp, your son will be so busy having fun and making memories alongside his friends that he won’t even realize the program’s impact on his growth and development. The adventures and camaraderie continue till the end of camping season – when he’ll hate to say goodbye and look forward to the summer ahead. Each year, he’ll return home with the greatest souvenir: Summer camp’s positive impact will continue from season to season as it’s taken home and shared with families, friends, and the community.

Prepare your son for the road ahead with help from Camp Mowglis, teaching skills and values for boys in New England since 1903. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more about our boys’ overnight camp or to sign up for the upcoming sleepaway camp season today.