You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot about life at boys’ summer camp from your son. He’s learned many essential new skills while away – even if he doesn’t realize it. Now that your child has returned home, how can you practice the lessons learned at Camp Mowglis? Put summer camp talents to work in everyday life with these tips.

Enjoy Nature Together

One of the most exciting things your child will bring home from Mowglis overnight summer camp for boys will be his love of nature. Maintain that enthusiasm, encouraging him to spend more time outdoors and giving him opportunities to showcase newly learned skills. Schedule green time whenever possible, whether a short evening walk around the block or a weekend trip to a nearby park or nature trail.

Treat Family Responsibilities Like Summer Camp Responsibilities

While away, your son had to make his bed, take part in cabin maintenance, clean up after meals and activities, and manage assigned camp duties, which rotated daily. Instead of falling back into pre-camp roles, translate similar daily activities to home life, delegating tasks like post-meal cleanup, trash, and yard maintenance in addition to expected personal hygiene, room cleaning, and laundry duties. As at camp, given your son’s important role in the family unit, he should do these things without reminders, maintaining a positive, helpful attitude.

Create a Goal List

Striving to reach ribbon requirement goals drove your child to work hard during boys’ overnight camp. While traditional camp activities may no longer be part of his daily life, your son can still set and achieve goals. Encourage him to create a goal list, defining achievements at home, in school, or surrounding hobbies and sports he enjoys. Maintain the list in a visible place to motivate your son and celebrate his achievements together.

Promote Continued Self Reliance

At overnight summer camp, with no parent nearby to turn to for resolutions to daily challenges, your son had to rely on his own resources. Now that he’s home, tell him you have the confidence he’ll find solutions to daily obstacles as well. Then, step back and allow him to work on the problem.

Add Technology Breaks to Your To-Do List

After spending so many weeks without technology, your child has learned that it’s not all that hard to live without. Like at camp, incorporate similar technology-free days into your life, whether it’s one day a month or one day a week, to encourage the growth of real-life relationships in the home and outside it. Plan a hike, pull out the board games, or tackle a project in or outdoors together. With the whole family taking part, you’re sure to see relationships blossom.

Offer Opportunities to Maintain Camp Relationships

Technology is not all bad. It can be an excellent way for your child to maintain summer camp friendships. If your child misses his friends from camp, allow for and encourage phone calls, texts, and video chats when appropriate, especially when geographic limitations make real-life get-togethers impossible. These connections can be a lifeline for children with few or unreliable friends at home.

Encourage the Cultivation of New Friendships

When your son talks about ‘the new kid’ at school or other settings, remind him about his fears as ‘the new kid’ at camp. Discuss the role he can play in making a connection and easing that discomfort and the opportunity to make new friends in the process.

Don’t let the value of lessons learned at boys’ summer camp get lost. Practice lessons learned at Camp Mowglis and watch your son reap the benefits. Ensure his physical, mental, and emotional growth summer after summer. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to reserve your spot for the next boys’ sleepaway camp season today. Don’t wait – our roster fills fast!