Are you tired of watching your kids spend day after day indoors staring at screens? Mowglis summer camp for boys has ideas to break your kids out of their technology-zombie stupor. Safeguard your children’s mental and physical health. Shake things up with these things for kids to do outside when it’s cold – no snow required!

Build a Fort

Winter and early spring, when tree branches cover the ground, offer the perfect environment for fort building. Make a tent, create an A-frame shelter, or construct a lean-to, combining branches with nearby bushes, chairs, or other supporting structures. Build a single, giant fort – or a community. Top your handmade forts with picnic and beach blankets or old linens for an authentic feel.

Go Box Sledding

Believe it or not, you don’t need snow to slide down a hill. Grab a few boxes from your online shopping adventures. Line hills with pine straw to create a slick surface for sliding or make a luge-style track using flattened boxes. Then, slide downhill in your decorated “boxcar.”

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Grab some paper lunch bags and create a winter scavenger hunt list. Send your kids out to search for acorns, berries, leaves, evergreen twigs, pinecones, and bugs (if you’re brave). Giving winter game winners an extra treat after dinner offers a delicious incentive.

Eat Outside

Grab a waterproof mat or beach blanket and take a sandwich, thermos of soup, or hot chocolate outdoors. Enjoy food with family and friends while identifying birds, bugs, and budding plants nearby.

Feed the Birds

Make your own cookie-cutter birdfeeders the day before, or create food on the fly using pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Grab a bird watcher’s handbook and a journal and see what visitors stop by for a snack.

Go for a Hike

Winter and early spring is an excellent time to go for a hike and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature before hordes of bugs (and hikers) come out of the woodwork.

Visit a Local Playground

People tend to forget about area playgrounds in cold weather, but with the proper clothing, they’re a great place for younger children to burn off energy in the winter months. Layers are key to comfort, allowing you to stay warm in breezy weather or cool off when body temperatures rise during climbing and sliding adventures.

Explore Area Beaches

Like the playground, parents often overlook beaches as a cold weather destination. Yet the empty shores offer the perfect place to bundle up and fly a kite, climb rocks or dunes, hunt for shells, and explore wildlife without battling crowds.

Make a Backyard Campfire

Make hot chocolate or grab all the ingredients for s’mores, heading outside to spend a night around the campfire with your family. Mowglis sleepaway camp regulars know this is the perfect time for sharing treasured stories, like funny things that happened at school, times you got in trouble, and other entertaining memories from the past.

Stay Active and Healthy Leading Up to Sleepaway Camp Season

Don’t let the cold keep your child indoors. There are plenty of things for kids to do outside when it’s cold – no snow required – while you’re looking forward to boys’ summer camp. Don’t miss out on warm weather fun at Camp Mowglis. Reserve your spot for the upcoming overnight summer camp season today.