When it’s cold outside, your child may want to snuggle indoors beneath a blanket – but daily activity is essential to health. Fortunately, it’s possible to enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably when temperatures drop. Support mental and physical health by learning how to help your kid stay active during the winter months with these tips from Mowglis summer camp for boys.

Why Should My Son Play Outside in Winter Weather?

You needn’t let old myths about “catching a cold” deter you from sending your child outside on a chilly day. Time in nature combats the harmful effects of excess screen time, offering a multitude of benefits:

  • Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, plays a crucial role in emotional and physical health, strengthening the immune system.
  • Activity and light exposure during normal daytime hours support a healthy sleep-wake cycle.
  • Expending extra energy improves focus and reduces hyperactive tendencies in school and home settings.
  • Navigating slippery, snow-covered settings, sledding, and snowball fights help boost physical and mental acuity, improve heart and lung health, strengthen balance, and fine-tune motor skills.

Tips for Facilitating Enjoyable Outdoor Play in the Winter

Just like when your son is at overnight summer camp, the right gear and a positive attitude are essential to ensuring a safe, fun outdoor experience. Your child may start off feeling chilly, but they will warm up quickly as activities and daytime temperatures climb. We recommend lots of layers, including long underwear, fleece or wool clothing, weatherproof pants/snow bib, and a jacket. Also include a warm hat that covers the ears or a balaclava, insulated, waterproof boots and gloves, and ski goggles for maintaining body heat and comfort.

How Long Should I Let My Child Play Outside in the Winter?

Plan for multiple, short outdoor play sessions to ensure an enjoyable, safe outdoor experience, especially in frigid temperatures. Freezing temperatures are not the time for observational activities. Activities that encourage movement to maintain body temperature and keep the blood moving are best. Avoid wet environments and pursuits that promote excess sweating. Moisture evaporating from the skin lowers body temperature. If your child’s clothing, gloves, shoes, or socks get wet, make sure he understands it’s essential to change immediately to prevent heat loss.

Things Children Can Do Outside When It’s Cold

There are many solo and group activities your child may enjoy outside in the winter:

  • Sledding
  • Skiing
  • Fort building
  • Snowball fights
  • Snowman building
  • Nature walks

Like boys’ summer camp, be sure to offer your child lots of options to entice him outdoors. Joining him on a simple walk around the neighborhood may spur new ideas or give you a healthy winter activity to enjoy together. Make it special, generating excitement with a thermos of hot tea, apple cider, or hot chocolate or following it up with a bowl of hot, comforting soup and a warm dessert.

Reap the Benefits of Outdoor Play with these Tips from Camp Mowglis

Learn how to help your kid stay active during the winter months. Visit our blog over the coming season for ideas on outdoor play activities for the winter climate. And don’t forget to plan for fun summer activities ahead. 2024 new camper registration is now open, and space is limited. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to secure your reservation today.