After the cancellation of summer camp in 2020 and strict masking and testing protocols in 2022, returning to normalcy at sleepaway camp after COVID-19 has been glorious! Uncertainty is in the rearview, and we’re back to business as usual in 2023. Kids have desperately been looking forward to – and in need of – a regular boys’ summer camp season. We now look forward to many more wonderfully normal post-pandemic days at our New England summer camp for boys.

Lifting the Weight of COVID Uncertainty

Kids have gone through a lot over the past few years, experiencing many physical, mental, and social repercussions. Our campers’ lives have been turned upside down by remote learning, social isolation, excess screen time, many missed celebrations and activities, and overall apprehension about the future. Attending summer camp and returning to normal activities is more important than ever to prevent lasting health impacts after going through so much.

Mowglis Overnight Camp Offers the Stability Boys Need

Returning to a normal overnight summer camp season has given our kids back opportunities they lost during COVID such as:


COVID significantly disrupted daily routines. Returning to Mowglis’ schedule of daily activities has given our campers the comfort and stability that knowing what to expect brings, from morning bugle calls to daily duties, meals, and program activities.

Unplugged, face-to-face social interaction

During the pandemic, technology was often the sole source of education, social interaction, and entertainment. Kids missed out on the opportunity to build positive traits that rely on real-life, in-person interaction, like empathy and how to compromise, listen to, and help one another. At camp, they’ve quickly gained them back, developing tools that help them successfully navigate life while enjoying group activities.

A place to make and reconnect with friends

Isolation took a terrible toll over the pandemic. Zoom classes and birthday parties aren’t the same as in-person studies and socializing. Connecting face-to-face and sharing life’s daily trials and accomplishments builds the foundation for solid relationships. At summer camp, our boys have finally been able to branch out and reconnect, making lasting friendships and cherished summer camp memories.

Opportunities to grow in independence

While constantly stuck at home with parents, kids lose opportunities to develop skills that boost confidence in later years. At camp, they can spread their wings, enjoying the freedom to choose daily activities while remaining accountable for maintaining personal hygiene and duties.

Regular daily activities

Trying new activities at camp and pursuing goals in your favorites is an essential part of physical and mental growth. From enjoying time on the water to learning a new sport or craft like archery, rowing, or woodworking at camp, Mowglis allows kids to experience failures and successes in a safe, supportive environment.

Celebrations and summer camp traditions

From daily campfires to celebrating ribbons earned and races won, Mowglis’ camp traditions have special meaning to kids, giving them something they can look forward to and rely on not being postponed or canceled.

Revel in a Regular Summer Camp Experience

Join us in returning to normalcy at summer camp after COVID at Camp Mowglis. Share in the fun and excitement of boys’ overnight camp. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more or reserve your spot for the highly anticipated 2024 camping season today.