COVID-19 Mowglis Parent Information

WE DID IT! Mowglis 2021 was a fantastic and surprisingly normal summer!  Thanks to many Mowglis working together, the campers and staff had a great time – and the experience was, as we had hoped, a (more than less) “Regular” Mowglis summer!  To read more about how we’re kept our campers and staff safe, please go here to review our 2021 Mowglis COVID-19 Preparedness, Response, and Control Plan.

The threat of COVID didn’t force us to make substantial changes to the program – as it could have. The challenges imposed by COVID were significant, but thanks to the careful planning of the Mowglis Reopening Taskforce, composed of Mowglis staffers, board members, and external medical professionals, we developed a plan that allowed us to operate the camp close to normal.

Did the campers and staff wear masks? Yes, but only for the first week, and then when folks were off-site and amongst the general public. 

Did the trips go out? Yes! Trips went out every week, on the same schedule as previous summers. Most of the trip locations were the same as past summers. We sought out less-populated alternative destinations for a few trips to stay away from the high-traffic areas experiencing unprecedented numbers of visitors. 

Was there COVID testing? Yes – everyone had a pre-arrival, upon-arrival, and 5-day PCR Test, and all staff members tested weekly. Testing is what allowed us to be unmasked and mixed at camp. 

Did we have any cases of COVID at Mowglis? No! The pre-arrival testing did its job and stopped at least one case from making its way into camp, thank goodness!

Did the boys have the amazing Mowglis summer they all deserved after a year of pandemic restrictions and lock-downs? ABSOLUTELY!! 

This summer was a genuine team effort – so many people pulled together to make it a success – too many to list here. So please know that whether you’re an alumnus, a staff member, a parent, a board member, a reopening taskforce member, a camper, or other…  All I can say is thank you – thank you all! 

The Mowglis program is alive and strong, maybe stronger than ever, thanks to the persistent, tenacious, gritty strength of the Pack pulling together the best way we know how: the Mowglis Way!


Nick Robbins
Camp Mowglis
(603) 744-8095
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