COVID-19 Mowglis Parent Information


Dear Mowglis Community,

We are truly looking forward to welcoming campers and staff to Mowglis this summer!

The State of  NH has issued its guidelines for overnight camps. After a thorough review by the Mowglis Reopening Taskforce consisting of doctors, nurses, camp professionals, and other advisors, we have determined that we can safely run a traditional full 7-week Mowglis season!

While there will be some new policies and procedures, the way Mowlgis is structured (with our Dorms, session length, trips, and Industries) will allow us to implement the state Guidelines easily and still have the camper experience be fun and distinctly Mowglis!

The NH Dept of Health Guidelines for Overnight Camps is available for you to review by going here.

These guidelines are the rules that we’ll be implementing this summer, so it is important that you and your family familiarize yourself with them. Please note that the state will be updating them as the infection rate decrease and the vaccination rate increases. We will continue monitoring them and keeping our camper’s and staff members’ health and safety as our top priority.

Here are a few key points to be aware of:

  • All campers and staff will have three COVID-19 tests: before arrival, upon arrival, and after 5-7 days after arrival.
  • We will be conducting testing throughout the summer on an as-needed basis.
  • To protect our campers from possible COVID exposure, we will not be having parent visiting weekends. Still, you will hear all about how camp is going, and we’ll give you ways to connect with your son periodically.
  • Campers will be grouped by cohort for sleeping and eating (as in regular years).
  • Half of the activity periods (Industries) will be grouped by cohort, and half, not be grouped by cohort.
  • During mixed cohort activity periods, campers may need to either be socially distant (where possible) or wear masks.
  • Trips will still happen, as will the cherished all-camp events such as Woodsman’s Day, Landsports Day, Watersports Day, and of course CREW DAY!!

We are approaching this summer with an abundance of care and caution – we know that camp can be a tremendously safe place for kids as we have the ability to create a “bubble” to keep COVID out effectively.

Thank you for choosing Mowglis!


Nick Robbins
Camp Mowglis
(603) 744-8095
[email protected]