Support Your Favorite Industry at Camp Mowglis

Supporting Your Favorite Industry

Do have fond memories of a particular industry? Do you have a son, grandson or nephew enjoying an industry today? At Camp Mowglis, we play hard, so each summer we have to ensure that every industry has modern, safe equipment, and plenty of it!

Click on one of the links below to check out our wish lists for the various industries. Each list was created by our staff and instructors to ensure we have what we need for another fun and safe summer at Camp Mowglis.

This an opportunity for you to support activities at Mowglis directly. Make sure you use Amazon Smile, so a percentage of your purchase goes to Mowglis! That’s double giving!

If you have any questions, contact James Hart online or call (603) 744-8095 ext 280.

Thank you for your support, and good hunting!