Are you looking for a boys’ overnight summer camp in NY? Mowglis overnight summer camp program for boys in New Hampshire offers a top-notch, authentic camping experience for children ages 7 to 15, about the same distance away as the NY Finger Lakes. Why should New York boys attend Camp Mowglis in New Hampshire?

It’s Good to Have Some Space

Time away from family creates opportunities for new experiences. Our overnight summer camp’s location gives Upstate New York boys the opportunity to see more of the country, and New York City boys the ability to connect with nature while enjoying fun traditional camp activities in a safe, supervised environment.

Our beautiful campus covers 160 acres across the pristine shores of Newfound Lake, surrounded by forest in the foothills of the White Mountains. While away, he will enjoy freedom surrounded by the vast wide open, growing in independence as he learns to manage daily decisions and tasks on his own, like choosing activities during unstructured periods at camp, while managing daily responsibilities.

Unplugging from Technology and Plugging in to Real Life

Mowglis’ technology-free overnight camping program forces boys to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, like beautiful weather, interesting animals, delicious food, and fun activities with friends. Without technological (or parental) distraction or escape, your son will learn to meet face to face, improving social and teambuilding skills. As days go by and children share daily experiences, surmounting obstacles, relaxing fireside, and retiring together in our screened, open-air dormitories, positive, lasting relationships are fostered.

Learning Simple and Important Life Lessons

Living unplugged, outdoors in the wilderness allows your child to reconnect with nature and get his body back on a schedule in sync with the rhythms of life. Rather than the 24/7 monotony of technology and city life, your child will undergo a recalibration. Sun, water, weather, food, and rest become essential. Needs versus wants become clear. This adjustment has a powerful effect on the body, reducing stress and promoting a sense of wellbeing.

Making Friends Free of the Usual Social Expectations

New environments offer your child the opportunity to meet new people and build relationships free of the usual social expectations. Our limited enrollment of just 110 boys ensures it’s not overwhelming. It’s amazing to watch our boys thrive on the camaraderie time “alone” in wilderness brings. At our sleepaway camp, the past is wiped clean, only current contributions matter. Summer camp friendships are like no other. As children grow and overcome obstacles together, their true colors shine, creating a path to meaningful, lasting friendships.

Taking Risks in a Safe Environment

Camping activities challenge even the toughest kids both physically and mentally. Mother Nature offers a setting with inherent risks where trial and error are normal and acceptable. At Mowglis, kids get the opportunity to test themselves in a safe environment. With each accomplishment your son realizes on wilderness trips and when exploring industries like hiking, swimming, rowing, and archery, his confidence will grow, instilling within him a feeling of empowerment when he achieves feats previously believed impossible, and driving the desire for new challenges and experiences.

Don’t let your son miss out on an amazing summer camp experience. Find out why so many New York boys love attending Camp Mowglis in New Hampshire. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more about our boys’ overnight summer camp for NY children, right around the corner from home, or secure reservations for the upcoming camping season today.