Like our younger Cub campers and fellow Pack members, Toomai was ecstatic to enjoy time outdoors with their camping family after a challenging 2020.

Wet and Wild Boys Summer Camp Activities

The Toomai group, now a bit older than they were in their Cub years, enjoyed immersing themselves in the full lineup of camp activities. Watersports Day was a particular favorite. The boys screamed, “GAZUNGA!” inflicting as much pain as possible before crashing onto the water’s surface. Then, each waited with excitement for urchin tossing. They would lay down, waiting for one boy to pick up their legs and another their arms, tossing them through the air and into the water to make a big splash.

Boys Summer Camp Hikes on Thursday Trip Days

On another fun and exciting Mowglis day, Toomai anticipated hiking the most challenging trail at Mount Cardigan, where they would take their end-of-year picture. However, they were not thrilled about the weather during their trip. In the end, their adventure left them with many exciting tales to tell.

“Our base camp was freezing cold every morning. We were set to hike up Cardigan in extremely wet conditions – probably to our death – but survived thanks to a setup by Ryland Case. Mr. Greenwell also saved us, setting up tarps to protect us from the rain and bringing supplies.”

–Kayshav, New York, NY

Toomai’s Top Overnight Camp Program Highlight: Crew Week

Nerves showed as the boys prepared for year-end races. Crew Week arrived, bringing with it camaraderie, friendly competition – and some much-anticipated good weather. Cubs and pack members worked together, eager to show off their crew colors.

“I worked really hard on crew this summer. Fast forward to the last day of races. Boat signing day. At 5:45, I lay restless, constantly thinking. “Am I going to make a form?” One hour later, I’m showering before the races, running over moves in my head. New Red Third Form. Here we go, boys…”

–Jake, Fryeburg, ME

Anticipation was high as each crew crossed the finish line. The younger boys learned how to lose with grace and win with humility. At the end of the day, we raised the oar and took off our bandanas. Body paint was (mostly) washed away – memories were not. Camp ended with smiles and tears and promises to return next season.

“This year has gone by so fast. Mr. L. Jenkins is the best JS. He helped me so much with crew, and I hope he comes back next year to Baloo. I hope everyone had a good summer. I’ll be happy to get my ribbon tomorrow.”

–Daniel, Malvern, PA 

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