Don’t let your son get stuck in his usual summertime rut – try something new at Camp Mowglis. Our overnight summer camp for boys 7 to 16 offers the perfect solution for summer doldrums. At our scenic boys’ summer camp on the scenic shores of Newfound Lake in New Hampshire, in the foothills of the White Mountains, your child can enjoy exciting camping adventures, learn life skills, and build new friendships while having tons of fun.

Turn Over a New Leaf at Boys Overnight Camp

Instead of getting stuck in a virtual technology-centered tailspin, our overnight camp program encourages boys to open up and spread their wings. Here, in our unplugged summer camp environment in the backcountry, your son can reconnect with the real world, enjoying time outdoors beneath towering eastern white pines, listening to loons lakeside, spying rambunctious raccoons or witnessing the surreal sounds of foxes at night.

Enjoy New and Exciting Summer Camp Activities

Mowglis offers a wide variety of traditional camp activities. Campers 10 and up manage their own activity schedule, while younger attendees rotate through activities as a group. Learn orienteering and hiking in the woods on White Footed Mouse Trail that passes through our property, winding toward Plymouth Mountain. Try archery or axe throwing. Swim, canoe, kayak, row, windsurf, sail, or learn to operate a traditional crew boat on our expansive waterfront. We offer something for everyone, from serene fishing and woodworking endeavors to adventurous riflery and rock climbing.

Break Away from Stale Summer Routines

After spending the night in our rustic, screened, open-air cabins with other boys his age, your son will begin a day in the life at Camp Mowglis with a bugle call. He’ll dress, tidy his sleep area, brush his teeth, and wash his hands, heading off to a delicious breakfast. While dining with his bunkmates, he’ll choose his free signup activity, selecting from his favorite pastimes or exploring new interests he may not have access to at home. After following up on his assigned camp duties, which rotate daily, he’ll head to his first daily industry period. Each industry lasts two weeks, allowing your child to become proficient in each skill and earn ribbons (like Scout badges).

Following his first industry period, he’ll break for lunch, rest, and digest, then join fellow campers for daily cleanup. Second industry and free period follow. Then it’s time for a refreshing dip in the lake before dinner. Colors ceremony and camaraderie by the evening campfire round out the day. Finally, it’s time for the call to quarters, when your son can retire to his dorm to enjoy his favorite book or a quiet chat with friends before bed.

Take Home More than a Souvenir

When your child gets the chance to try something new at Camp Mowglis, he’ll take home much more than ribbons as rewards, learning:

  • Independence as he overcomes fears of being alone and learns to care for himself and others
  • Motivation to try and master new things
  • Determination to manage challenges without giving up
  • Cooperation and compromise living as part of our close-knit camping community
  • Appreciation for home luxuries and family

Give your son the gift of camp. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to sign up for our upcoming sleepaway camp season today.