Are you unsure about sending your young son to camp? Sending smaller children off to a boy’s overnight camp can be a nerve-wracking experience for parents. Rest assured, Mowglis overnight camp is perfectly safe, offering your son a positive experience and lifelong benefits.

Boys Summer Camp Boosts Confidence and Independence

Our overnight camp program gives your young child the opportunity to build self-confidence, make daily life decisions and solve problems on his own. Surrounded by other children, older boys, and Mowglis counselors and staff, your child will learn respect while cultivating friendships day to day, gaining crucial life skills. We’ve specially designed each segment of our program to meet your growing boy’s needs:

  • Cub Program
    • This shorter 3-week program, designed for young first-time campers ages 7 to 9, is the ideal introduction into the world of boys’ overnight camp.
  • The Pack
    • Returning campers can’t wait to graduate to our full 7-week program and comprehensive daily activity schedule for boys ages 10 to 15.
  • The Yearling Program
    • Designed for boys ages 15 and up on a leadership track, our Yearling Program offers top-performing graduates junior staff positions, serving as role models for younger campers.

Boys Overnight Camp Programs Foster Passion and Perseverance

Our camping schedule of activities helps children develop grit, discover their strengths, and learn to handle failure without the pressure of parental expectations. Under the guidance of our highly trained camp counselors, your son will reach for new and unexpected goals, learning to swim, rowing, and trying exciting activities like archery and axemanship, building resilience as he navigates daily challenges. These new achievements are excellent confidence boosters, compounding each day your as child progresses through the program.

Summer Camp for Boys Offers the Perfect Bonding Experience

Friendships are among the most beautiful things we build here, fueling our campers’ passion for returning year after year. Mowglis unplugged out-of-school learning environment provides the ideal setting for building lifelong friendships away from their daily life and technology distractions. Our boys come from many different backgrounds, states, and even countries, yet they bond almost instantly. Social situations are much easier to navigate without technology, giving children the opportunity to form deeper relationships.

Give Your Son the Transformative Experience of Summer Camp

We hear it from our parents all the time: Children come home smiling, happy, and transformed. Our beautiful grounds and traditional camping program provide the perfect balm for healing your child’s soul in today’s tech-heavy, pandemic-driven world. We’re proud to offer our campers the tremendous opportunity to trade the doldrums of life for a fresh, positive outlook that sets the stage for the future.

Won’t you give your child the gift of freedom at Camp Mowglis overnight summer camp? We know it’s hard to let your child go, but boys should attend camp at a young age. It gives them the opportunity to grow and build magical memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. We excel at working with first timers. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to learn more about becoming part of the Mowglis family today.