Has your son asked if you’ve already signed up for Mowglis’ summer 2024 camping season? It may seem too early in the winter – but YES – you should enroll in summer camp now. It’s common for parents to sign for next summer, right after the current boys’ camping season ends, to ensure their spot is secured. Snagging a spot early prevents panicked phone calls in May or, worse – your son missing out on summer camp.

How Far in Advance Should You Book Boys’ Summer Camp?

If you’re new to camping, we recommend researching available overnight summer camp programs and making reservations in September, October, or November. Signing up for Mowglis newsletters and email announcements ensures you won’t miss important registration deadlines.

What to Look For in an Overnight Camp Program

Narrow your list of top summer camps in New England with these sleepaway camp shopping tips:

Look for a safe, ACA-accredited summer camp for boys

After you’ve determined what kind of camp will help you reach the goals you have for your child and reflects your family’s values, narrow your list to American Camp Association (ACA) accredited summer camps like Mowglis. This designation signals a camp meets essential health and safety standards, and few camps earn it.

Seek out sleepaway camps with an easy commute

Mowglis is just a short drive from most states in New England. We’re also accessible by plane, an hour’s ride from Manchester-Boston Regional and two hours from Logan International by shuttle (available during camping season).

Choose a boys’ overnight camp that works with your schedule

When you send your son to sleepaway camp, you won’t have to worry about daily pickup and drop off conflicting with your schedule. Arrange for transportation at the start and end of the three or seven-week season, depending on your child’s age, and return to your daily routine.

Ask about summer camp staff qualifications and training

Camp counselors drive the camping experience and ensure your child’s safety. They should be background-checked, well-trained, and equipped to handle emergencies. Wilderness first aid, CPR certification, Red Cross lifeguard certification, and activity-related specializations are essential. Mowglis enlists only exceptional staffers, including educators, wilderness specialists, college grads, and former campers. Our low counselor-to-camper ratio and limited enrollment of 110 children fosters a tight-knit community.

Get a list of daily camp activities

Mowglis is not a sports camp. The wide array of traditional camp activities and unplugged, real-life interaction our program offers boosts engagement and prevents boredom. Our structured schedule ensures your child knows what to expect daily. Your son will get to try a little bit of everything and pursue favorites during free time, earning ribbons for accomplishments.

Find out what’s on the menu

Mowglis food is fantastic. We offer a variety of options for all tastes and can manage dietary restrictions from food allergies to gluten-free and vegetarian regimens.

Schedule a summer camp tour

After browsing websites and making inquiries – visit your top two favorite camping options with your spouse or child. Nothing compares to an in-person encounter to get a feel for the camping atmosphere and staff. If you can’t visit, speak with the camp director. The best camp directors, like our own Nick Robbins, get excited about talking to parents of future campers – if they don’t, look elsewhere.

What Time Is It?

It’s winter – and it’s never too early to enroll in summer camp at Mowglis. Don’t let time slip away. Contact us at 603-744-8095 to make reservations for the upcoming camping season today.